Evo Stream Commentators

Not sure if this has been posted before but does anyone know who will be covering the stream this year? There will probably be Seth Krillian (roo) and some other dudes. Maybe we stream monsters could suggest a commentator, if it’s not asking for to much? :bgrin:

Level-Up is taking care of the EVO stream this year, I’m not sure who exactly is going to be commentating though… if it’ll be their crew, or if Seth/others will be helping too. We’ll have to see. They probably have a plan already anyway… with it being less than 2 weeks away!

There needs to be game-specific commentators imo. Not like that devastation shit where you have guys commentating on games that they can’t even beat in arcade mode.

Hmm, hopefully they’ll be better than the sf4answers one that covered ECT2…man it was some mad hate towards them at the stream chat and even youtube comments when the matches were uploaded. :lol:


Hot off the presses of twitter 23minutes ago.

Sweet, good to see they kept the original crew in and not add completely unknown people just because of the sponsorship.

IMO, have Yipes commentate the MvC3 matches if they’re gonna be streamed too, hype! :bgrin: