evo stream?

is it working for anyone


shits down people… shits down!


it’s a conspiracy to get us to buy the dvd

Now see her dis y we aint let dem city folk run our streams. dem cats slasher and wheat may be uncool wannabe wiggers, (who’s desperate attempts to conform to the dialogue at hand and present an image of coolness only end up making them look pathetically silly), but ad lest dem guys cared an’ knew der teknobable stuf.

after all the devastation stream hate its kind of funny see the haters fail big time.

Well, irony is a rude visitor. It wasn’t all hate though.

I was sure as fuck one of them.

as much as i dont wanna say this…i wish dj wheat and slasher did the stream.


it was up for only 2 hours…not much happened either except for this

Me three! lol

But seriously, I kinda figured there were going to be mess-ups here too. They should have tested the equipment before the players got their games in (The TVs with the HD lag specifically), and they should have worked on finding a way to keep the stream going.

Still, no problem with it though. If it were to happen during the Semi-Finals and Finals though, then there WILL be a problem.

And I still will get the DVDs. (Great research material.)

Stream is back up, but I’ve seen better quality in smoke signals.

Lol, I’m watching it now, all it is, is people constantly trying to configure controllers it looks like…

It’s a lag fest, quality is WAY to high its like 720P