Evo Sunday Schedule

9:00 10:30 Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike 2on2 - Finals (top 8)
10:30 12:00 Guilty Gear XX:Accent Core - Finals (top 8)
12:00 12:15 Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion Tournament Finals (top 2)
12:15 1:30 Soul Calibur IV - Finals (top 8)
1:30 2:00 Combo Video Exhibition
2:00 3:30 Marvel vs. Capcom II - Finals (top 8)
3:30 4:00 The Dog Face Show: Live!
4:00 5:00 One Hour Dinner Break
5:00 5:15 Blazblue Exhibition Tournament Finals (top 2)
5:15 6:45 SSFIIT: HDR - Finals (top 8)
6:45 7:00 Special Words from Ono-san
7:00 9:30 Street Fighter IV - Finals (top 8)

Whoa sick! Live dogface show + Ono is pretty crazy. Good shit evo staff!

holy shit ono is gonna announce create-your-own-fighting-game-maker by capcom for the ps3 i knew it!

street fighter IV finals are actually going to take 3 hours to get through because of the riots that will break out after each match.

this schedule is perfect seeing as it lets me sleep through the 13616578x genei jins :zzz:

Wow great stuff ! This evo is gonna be rock solid !

Evo before 7pm? what the !? Marvel players arent awake that early O.o.

lol. ayyyyyy

Sick! :shy:


Awesome thanks for posting the info. :]

Looks awesome! I wonder what Ono is gonna say.

Now all I need is a confirmation on that live stream and I’ll be extremely happy… But with the thread asking what people want to see in a stream, and the Dogface live… I’m going to assume there’s going to be one. Gonna hook a laptop to the tv, get some snacks and something to drink, people to watch with and then get HYPE

Ono announces 3S HD Remix Live.

i can hope.

I’m guessing the live DFS will also be posted on the channel in the days following Evo?

Habbing Phaaaaaaaaaaaawn?

Don’t even begin to tempt me. That’s the only game I’ll stop playing SFIV with the quickness for.

Maybe a playable Gill so that he will be banned again 2 months later :rofl:

For the Blazblue exhibition tourney final, is that for the 5v5 regional tournament?

If so, isn’t 15 minutes a bit too short?

I really hope it’s not for 1v1, because that would be super inconvenient.

What’s the time zone again?

Same as Cali…PST.

That’s a pretty sick Sunday line-up. GL to all this weekend.


this is going to ROCK

all we need tomo in the building to make this absolutely epic

although absence of btm saddens me. :sad:


Sugoi! Dog Face Show Live :slight_smile: Words from Ono, Fabulous* :wink: Only 1 hour dinner break :frowning: j/k