EVO this year questions

Anyone know if Sagat is banned from SF 4 tournament?

Any why all are all next-gen games played on PS3?

Hahahahahahahahahaha is that Sagat question serious? No, he is not going to be banned. I really don’t think any characters are banned in SF4.

All the games are on because EVO got a bunch of PS3’s last year, and it is not worth the investment to get a bunch of 360’s.

Even if you don’t own a PS3, I HIGHLY suggest that you own a stick for it. If you want to be competitive have a stick for each console actually, even if you don’t own the console.


Posting in epic thread…

BTW only Sagat, Ken, Dan, and Gen are banned this year until we find out more people we can ban.

I hate you.

come on, he only has one eye and no shoes

Metaknight is banned.