Evo this year SNK Side tourney


Ok so list as follows:
Entry Fees:

Samsho II is free to enter due to the experimental rules and my own inexperience.

All other games are 2 dollars to enter.

Update again
Im going to try to do some or most of the tournament on FRI as that is a no KOF day and KOF is looking like it will be run on SAT all day including top 8.

All games will be played on a PS2 so break out your stick or controllers.
Games rules are rounds 2outta3
Standard timer in effect no game breaking glitches I.E. freezing of the game allowed.
Pause the game results in loss of the round or opposite players preference. I.E. let it rock rule is in effect.
In team based games KOF: winner keeps same order same characters.
Loser can switch his own characters or order or both.

MOW: All characters are viable, same rules as above. TOP can be moved but no Ratio 2 characters

SamSho II: rules same as above, all character are viable except the boss. The boss is banned. Additional rule if you are cut in half or Artery spray at the end of your second round you are dead and out of the tournament. So this tournament can turn into single elim.

KOF 98UM: rules same as above, all bosses outside of the boss team are banned.

KOF 95: All Char. Viable

These four are for sure.

If time permits and there is interest:

KOF 02UM Tougeki v.: rules same as above, All boss chars. are banned.

World Heroes Perfect Jet super duper edition: rules same as above, No Boss Characters. Deathmatch. Will be in effect.

KOF XI: rules same as above, Boss is banned. Console Char. in.

RealBout 2: rules same as above, Alfred is banned.

I think that should do it might add some more alts possibly. This should be it for sure though. Give me feedback of what you would like to see and I will be canvasing the day of for applicants if you want to enter. Need to find out what day KOF and Tekken are as I will be competing in one and watching the latter cheering on my boy who entered Tekken.


Rules For most of the fighting games listed will be 2 outta 3 double elim. Im working on getting another setup just to run CVS2 on as it will probably take the longest. GF for all games will be 3 outta 5 with exception of maybe CVS2 as that game will take forever.

Sam Sho II is going to be the exception it will also be 2-3 double elim with the added rule that if you are killed at the end of the last match hard slash finisher ect. youre dead and youre out of the tournament. That includes being cut in half or artery spray. Dead means dead. standard timer will be in effect.

Sam Sho II will have the most risk reward as it is my favorite so whoever is in get your blade grasp skills down.

UPDATE: Is now 2 and SamSho is free for being experimental.

Entry is still being decided but probably a 5 dollar buy in and everyone will get something for entering. Some more than others if you enter multiple games.


moving to the evo section


SNK Side tourney for EVO 2014. interesting. games must be KOF 2002 UM, KOF '98 UM, KOF XI, Last Blade 2, Samurai Shodown V Special, Samurai Shodown VI, SVC: Chaos,( CVS 2 is not made by SNKP it’s made by Capcom so not SNK game.), World Heroes Perfect, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Fighter’s History, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash and Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. any and all are great choices if any of those games are possible. a must have is KOF 2k2 UM in the SNK Side tourney for EVO 2014. thank you for doing this tourney and good luck with your SNK Side tourney.


Actually yes, looking at the list unfortunately I am still limited to PS2 versions of each game so No SamSho V Special regrettably. World Heroes though I do have access to and am considering it.
The reason for CVS 2 over SVC is, I honestly dont think anyone will play SVC even though I think the game itself is pretty fun. That and CVS can only be well played on the PS2 copy IMO the PS3 version is trash. If someone had a PC with roms well thats a different story, but up until this point it still looks like PS2 format. In that regards I’ll bring controllers and sticks but be prepared to bring a PS2 stick or controller if need be. Especially if its one you like, and are comfortable with.

More to come soon and everything finalized in June sometime.


Update II: MoW, SamSho II, RealBout 2, 98 are for sure after much debate are there any other games you all would like to see if you enter? Limted to PS2 Collection still mind you Maybe a Fuun Tag Battle tourney or maybe Another idea we were thinking of is potentially a high score challenge on something like Ikari Warriors and or Athena as I am a die hard of both games. More soon.


What games are put to play so far? I mean, I like 02UM and 98 UM. Though will the bosses be banned or used?


Sorry for the late reply, I am going through the rest of the rule set right now as well as games even though those ones are in for sure more or less. This week everything will be ready. Bosses like Omega Rugal will probably be out, Orochi. Everyone else like the Boss team of Geese, Krauser, and Big will be legit. More within this week.


Finalized updated rules at the top as of yesterday ^


Thankyou very much everyone who participated in both the tournaments that got ran as well as the hours and hours of casuals. Im glad you all liked it and got to participate. It was fun to run and the Samsho II tourney was a success! Everyone involved liked it and I even got some new players to enter which is always good for the scene. Desmond I’d like to thankyou again for your input and next year I can’t wait to see you all again. Ill have some more stuff up my sleeve and well see about making next years Evo tourneys even better SNK all the way baby! Take care guys and Ill see you all at next years EVO! Ill be running some SNK stuff at SCR next year also so take care all and I am going to get some much needed rest.

Thankyou again.