EVO Thread - aka KARNOVS REVENGE @ EVO 2014

Placeholder topic title, just pay attention to the EVO first part. I will change it later if that’s possible. “Umm” Q&A is endearing in its own way though. I put the wrong year for another reason.

Karnovs for life yo.

I’m in.

Looks like we’re stayin at Hooters Hotel. That’s where the 3rd Strike will be poppin.


Who’s goin? Hax has a permanent invitation to my room (wheres the coors original)


I’ll make it if I can. Need to get the time off but if I can I’ll def be there.

@igloobob Nice!

Ok so I’m gonna bring my Xbox and one stick. Duralath had a CRT and ps3 with a stick. Just need one more tv and one Xbox stick and one ps3 stick.

If igloo makes it out and I get this job, I’ll be there too and I can take an xbox and stick. I would offer my tv but it’s a big plasma screen and I dunno how bad it lags.

btw, welcome back, Ryan. Stop using Chun Li! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d definitely like to join in/level up. I have very small offline experience with people who actually know what they’re doing.

I’ll set up the gloryhole!

Hmm I have not gone to Vegas in a while… I might have to go

Ew nothing besides CRT allowed.

I don’t think you guys will even make it to my Choon-ri :slight_smile:

I’ll die trying, damnit.

That’s where I found Kokujin, the Karnov section of EVO’s ballroom. You saw the picture. This probably wasn’t a coincidence from what we know about Karnovs.

Make no mistake I am a beer noob. I also take too long doing stuff sometimes. So even on a possible unnecessary beer run on the last night I collected like $9 from the guys. Hotel store would only get you like a 6 pack of small cans. But I remembered this rule of the weekend. You hear “Liquor is all but free in Vegas!” yeah when you’re throwing cash into a money pit of a casino. But a better rule is “1 Beer = 1 dollar”

There was a corner store across from Caesars at the Flamingo stocked up with everything. I brought an 18 pack up. How much is this? 18 right. The lady was confused, what about it? Only $18 right? Yeah. Score. And they were tall cans. So going back up there, ignoring my phone on such a mission without distractions, they called me to ask where I was. On the way back to make their bathtub look like this, of course:

Other things.

This is Corona EXTRA, that’s cool right?
That actually just means its the regular and not Light everyone knows.

Getting schooled.

Duralath also found a “Happy Hour” pastmidnight here $2 rum and coke
He also substituted a $3 beer into a combo for only an extra $1

Very cost effective and fit the rule.

I handed Ryan a Corona and he proceeded to nearly double perfect me with Hugo.
I powered him up or something. It wasn’t even a German beer so what the hell.

So if you are a beer noob, try to follow the rule!
And if you think all the AZNs are math major/good@math who’ve all taken accounting, yeah probably.

& If you are walking around/getting out of taxis with a box of Corona, you get an “I want to hang out with this dude, lets go!” and random handshakes and pounds. Do that too, highly recommended. Hotel fridge will replace that new commercial with that shiny Corona Cooler just fine.

Because it was so cheap, they didn’t have a fridge, hence scumbag lesson in no showers, tub with ice. But if some Internet 3s noob reading this who wants in can provide some kind of cooler… you’re in!

Def lookin forward to getting my hax on this year.

Bob don’t worry about the cooler.

I want to hand Bob a beer that isn’t cold enough, and he’s gonna Iceman grab that thing and make it cold. “FREEZE”

Then we will have a laugh about the SRK matchmaking region thread about Alaska: “Where the bitches be cold as ICE!”

ryan is nothing if not the best drunken 3s player in usa. the secret isn’t practicing on quality of beer, but quantity. no tree beer for us!

looks like it may not be easy to get those days off. will keep bugging them about it though.

No worries I got the extra crt and ps3 stick, and extra alcohols:’)
I could prob score another crt if needed

So who’s tryin to get in on some 3rd Strike at Evo?

Confirmed in:
Adam b (Toronto)

Need confirmation:
Igloo Bobby
Hold dat
Chai tea
Matt and Eric xchin
Red venom
All the Super Arcade 3rd players
??? Anyone else. Post up!!

Btw if anyone’s friends with JR Rodriguez then tell him I’ll play him a ft10. Dont even have to mm cuz I don’t care about that. Loser has to wear a dunce cap around Vegas.