EVO Top 8/32 Character Usage Analysis

Using this [1] Eventhubs list, I have compiled a list of characters used by the top 8 and top 32 placers at EVO 2011. If there is a tie between characters, then I simply put them in alphabetical order. Top 32 includes top 8 numbers.
Top 8
[]Phoenix - 3
]Wesker - 3
[]Wolverine - 3
]Akuma - 2
[]Dante - 2
]Magneto - 2
[]She Hulk - 2
]Taskmaster - 2
[]Amaterasu - 1
]Haggar - 1
[]Sentinel - 1
]Spencer - 1
[]Tron - 1
There were a total of 13 different characters used by the top 8. Of course, a player may switch his or her team in the finals. I didn’t find too much surprising about this list.
Top 32
]Akuma - 9
[]Magneto - 9
]Sentinel - 9
[]Wesker - 9
]Wolverine - 9
[]Phoenix - 8
]Taskmaster - 6
[]Dante - 5
]Zero - 5
[]Haggar - 4
]She Hulk - 4
[]Amaterasu - 3
]Storm - 3
[]Tron - 3
]Doctor Doom - 2
[]Spencer - 2
]Spider-Man - 2
[]Chris - 1
]Deadpool - 1
[]Dormammu - 1
]Felicia - 1
[]Ryu - 1
]X-23 - 1
This list has 23 total characters. Only one player in the top 32 was listed as using four different characters, so it seems like teams were pretty static - not a lot of counter-picking was going on. I’m a bit surprised to only see one Dormammu. The top characters change a bit with Phoenix losing ground to Magneto and Sentinel.
What are your thoughts?

Not surprising. Interesting though since I felt like I was watching nothing but Wolverine/Akuma on stream. Surprised to see just as many Phoenix players. Felt like she was definately used alot but nowhere near Wolv/Akuma.

It’s because the people using Wolv/Akuma were usually winning, therefore you saw more of them. There were a lot of Phoenixes that got punked off on sight. You actually need to know how to play her and around, because the metagame has been trying to figure out anti-Phoenix strats since week two.

There were more Spidermans than Dormammus. Weird.

xfactor is more broken than any of the characters imo… it already works different for each character. why not reduce how long it lasts for wolverine and let dark phoenix take chip dmg but not lose life during it and see how that works out.

and give haggar feathers too lol

Top 8 stats expand somewhat if you include Viscant’s Iron Man, Jwong’s Storm, and FlipChamp’s Dorm. Puts you up to 16 characters used.

Only one Tron and one Haggar in the top 8? This game truly IS built around rushdown…

That’s not too bad though. 29% of the top 32 Haggar and Tron moved on to top 8, whereas 28% of the top 32 Akuma and Wolverine did the same. That could mean that defensive rush down is potentially as good as ridiculously amazing offensive rush down, but there’s definitely not enough data to clarify.

Eh, what the hell, let’s look at all of them (Top 32 that made it into Top 8):
[]She Hulk: 50%
]Spencer: 50%
[]Dante: 40%
]Phoenix: 36%
[]Amaterasu: 33%
]Akuma: 22%
[]Taskmaster: 33%
]Tron: 33%
[]Wesker: 33%
]Wolverine: 33%
[]Haggar: 25%
]Magneto: 22%
[]Sentinel: 11%
]Chris: 0%
[]Deadpool: 0%
]Dormammu: 0%
[]Dr. Doom: 0%
]Felicia: 0%
[]Ryu: 0%
]Spider Man: 0%
[]Storm: 0%
]X-23: 0%
[*]Zero: 0%

Really nice diversity for fighting game of this magnitude. I wonder what Ultimate is gonna look like.

While the spread is much better than I expected, it’s still pretty ridiculous to see 15% of the roster account for over 50% of tournament placing teams. I really hope Ultimate will bring out more variety in the tournament scene.

On that note, mad props to the guys using Spidey, Felicia, Deadpool, and X-23.

You must be new to fighting games.

Not new, just an idealist.

That chris player was garbage. Don’t even count him plz.

How he make it out of pools even? Must of had his pools filled with hulks and played keep-away like a female dog.

Congrats on making it as far as you did. I was pulling for you because Chris is one of my favorite characters.

more diversive than I thought. interesting… wonder how this’ll all change in Ultimate.

I was hoping to see more Thor players. +Rep for players who aren’t dictated by tiers.

HAHA, congrats GCYoshi, I was rooting for you all the way.

lololol thx.

I was likewise rooting for you all the way – Chris is in my top 5 used characters I think (unless Jill surpassed him, I’ve been grinding on Jill like crazy since buying her, as my avatar probably indicates) and I mark out hard to see a good one.

You’re sticking with him when he gets better in Ultimate, I trust?

I’m sticking with my team, but I’m kind of confused to how he’s going to stand out in UMvC3. He is a heavily match-up based character.

Dorm and Skrull buffs scare the sht out of me tbh. Air X-factor makes Taskmaster really %$#@ing scary and all 4 new characters look incredibly obnoxious. Not to mention his old match-ups might not be any easier.

I was lucky to have a team filled with characters I like that ended up being good. I’m sticking with the team, but I’m most worried about Sentinel. I just miss the 1,300,000 life so much. I would easily trade a chunk of Sent’s damage to have that life back, but Capcom insists on dropping his life from 910,000 to 900,000. It’s not the amount that matters (10,000 is obviously negligable), but I just think it’s 10,000 in the wrong direction. Just a matter of opinion.

The cancelling tricks we keep hearing about are a step in the right direction for Chris though IMO, plus a lot of the newbies except Nemesis and PWright sound like lightweights – Chris’s 1.1m stam is, if it stays, above an even larger percentage of the roster.

I think we’ll be seeing some interesting things.