Evo Tournament Rules now available

We’ve posted a preliminary verison of the tournament rules for your review.


We’ve also posted a more formal description of the prize structure here:


(3S)“The in-game judgment feature will be used to determine the outcome of draw games” :party: :party: :wasted:
I understand the need to keep things running on time, but this seems equivalent to putting “Draw games will be determined by a coin-flip.”

what happens if me 2 other guys go to evo east but then something happens to one of our team mates he cant make it… but we still end up winning still with just 2 guys. But we are still all going to evo does that no longer count as being our same team so were screwed? I mean in a way its not like we got one other teammate each time. One of them didnt show up…

This isn’t listed in the rules, but is Akuma banned for Hyper Street Fighter II? :confused:
I assume that he would be, but just to make sure.

Yes, Akuma is banned.

Ok, if the two of you decide to go and play a 2 man team, you can still have your seed. I’ve updated the rules to say as much.

What is the DOA4 Life bar setting going to be on?

Unless otherwise stated, all settings will use the defaults.

I don’t see why you can’t use your own converters for ps2>dc. Also don’t different ones map the buttons differently, as in using r1+r2 instead of r1+l1?

Because the DC is a piece of crap, whose controller ports frequently fry when using MAS sticks, converters, or just a few different game pads from different manufacturers. If everyone was allowed to use their own converters, it would cause 2 problems:

  1. Everybody would end up losing their converters by leaving them behind, or getting them mixed up with others, or letting people borrow it.
  2. I guarantee a few DCs would end up frying their controller ports.

Letting EVO provide the converters allows us to know, for sure, who they all belong to, and also puts all the responsibility for broken DCs on the EVO staff. No pointing of fingers if it’s their own equipment that breaks a DC. PLUS, everyone will know what the button mapping is, since as you said different converters map buttons differently. If we are all using the same converters (the ones that EVO uses) then we will all know how the buttons will be mapped.

It still baffles me that they are using Judgement in 3s to decide draw games…

judgement in 3s is bad bad bad. At the very least, a judgement in round 3 should be a game replay. Another draw after that, they both get eliminated!

I think it’s because of Ricky Ortiz vs Daigo some Evos back. On the big screen, they tied when Ricky had won one round and Daigo did not. So they had to reset the game with Ricky winning a round and Daigo getting his meter back to where it was at the end of the round.

THEN after than I dunno what happened exactly but Ricky complained about something which prompted Daigo to offer to play one more game for the whole set.

Overall I think the reasoning is that it doesn’t come up very often if at all, and it’s a major pain to reset if it’s the second round of a game.

What if you do a 1 man team… Can you then find 2 players later on? =|… I’ll go to EVO West if we could do that.

I think Ricky was confused about the ruling and Daigo agreed to do a rematch even after he won.

1 and 2 are valid, but you could say the same about controllers in any byoc tournament.

Anyway, how are the converters mapping the buttons? This is important. Hopefully its one of the ones with a switch that lets you change.

in that situation (if you’re describing it correctly), the judgment system had nothing to do with it. if you double k.o. in the second round, the person who won the first round wins the game, right?

ninjaedit: has this issue been beaten to death in the past or something? seeing ponder reply to those other guys and not me makes me feel pretty useless. :smiley: :smiley: i thought that it’s been established that the judgment system ‘judges’ based on things that have little to do with being good at third strike.

Say if I were to get a top 8 place at an Evo West event, would I have to pay for the registration and venue fee for the Vegas event as well?


sigh… why is CvS2 1 game?

it was 2/3 last year.

i thought having this on console would eliminate the problem of playing 1 game.

They didn’t double KO, they ran out of time with equal life bars. So Judgement came in and awarded the second round to Ricky. And then lots of other things happened.