EVO Training regimen tips?

Hi all

I’m a competent casual player at Street Fighter games, been playing them since SF2 hit arcades.

I have a lot of free time coming up and would like to get competitive at AE.

The plan is to spend 5 hours a day at least on the game for the next four months (while also getting some SFxT, KoFXIII and SC5 training done) and then see how I do at EVO (Before I get yelled at: I’m not expecting any miracles at EVO I just want to compete)

Can you guys recommend some good training methods please?, like " x amount of hours in training mode per week" or whatever, I’d also like to hear about any training style that worked for you guys.

Also I live in an area with no scene at all so offline matches are off the table except against the cpu.

Thanks in advance, I’ll also gladly accept any other suggestions you guys might have

Learning how to build your own training method is part of learning SF. How much time you spend of what (training mode, matches with players, studying videos) is dependent on the player, their character, and whatever they prioritize to be most important.

Committing to 5 hours a day is a good start though. My recommendation is to vary your training a lot. Most players will just grind out matches, but studying match videos, studying your own videos, reading frame data are all important ways to improve your game.

First off you have a lot on your plate, with very little time to finish it. Trying to prepare yourself for four games before evo will be tough. 5 hours a day on one game seems okay, but to squeeze them all in, good luck with that. As for my training (I quit Street fighter) So all my time goes to Marvel. I usually start off with about an hour of combo practice. After that I’ll play 60-100 player matches. I try for first to 3 with everyone I play, but sometimes people will leave before that or it’s too laggy so I bail.

On Thursday’s I get offline practice at a local gathering in my area. That’s pretty much it for my training regime. I’ll be changing things up once Skull Girls comes out, to add that into my day.

So basically if online is all you have, then grind that shit out against other players. Remember at EVO the majority of the people you’ll play will be online warriors anyway.

Chances are, there’s a scene in your area and you just don’t know where to look for it.

Spend 15-30% of the time you have analyzing high-level replays of users of your character and others’ characters fighting the character you use. Do not just watch for enjoyment, you’ll be doing a lot of pausing and replaying. You will need to take notes, experiment in training mode, and practice applying what you learn. When you vs a good opponent, fight him repeatedly if possible and do whatever it takes to help you utilize any key information you pick up.

When you get to Evo or any event, spend lots of time meeting people, playing them, and asking questions. Being shy about asking “Who’s got next?” will waste time and opportunities.