Evo TvC 2k??

Am I being over ambitious when I say TvC Evo 2k11…MvC3 doesn’t equal TvC no more. So what do you think about this, will TvC make it to the year 2011. I mean if melty makes it we better get a shot. Keep the community strong like we did for CGoH and this year UAS we can totally get a 3rd shot.

I think it should! If I’m dece at it, then I could compete next year, so let’s hope!! It’s still a new game in the states after all.

It certainly should stay for next years, especially after the incredible tricks Kbeast pulled with yatterman-1 and 2. I just hope giant fight didn’t bore people enough to call it off.

KBeast here

Hoping everyone was impressed with the performance from top 8 overall. I know alot of tourneys end up having people that don’t really know how to play the game in it’s full potential. Even after losing to Marn, I still felt very accomplished as to raising the hype for TvC, even Ryota Nitsuma-san shook my hand congratulating me on my performance. So after this, I see NO reason for TvC to NOT be a staple at Evo :slight_smile:

Hey congrats KBeast! I went crazy when you chose both Yatters, that shit was awesome. I was rooting for you.

From the Man himself 2nd placers Kbeast!!! TvC 2k11

Look at it this way: MvC2 wasn’t even going to be at EVO this year, if it wasn’t for the BB players that didn’t want to keep playing CT. (a and imo, if you saw how hype the Marvel finals were, then you’d realize that considering leaving the game out was a mistake, but that’s another discussion).

It’s a given that:
BB CS, and

WILL be at next year’s EVO. Now the question is, will Melty Blood make a return (keep in mind that MB’s turnout was slightly higher than TvC’s) and will MvC2? Further, will KOF 13 be a major game? I think Tekken 6 has good chances of returning as well.

It’s up in the air, but all we can do is get the word out and keep people interested in the game. TvC at EVO 2010 was mad hype, for both the main tourney and the 2v2, and I saw a bunch of people walking away with the Madcatz TvC and the Hori Wii sticks at evo; that means more people are getting interested.

So when the vote for the wildcard spot comes up next year, we’ll just have to voice our opinion as a community and vote.

Yeah well Seth said him, nitsuma and the rest of the capcom guys were really happy with how hype tvc got. Obviously, they don’t make the decision, but it’s a good sign, right?

I hope TvC is in next year, my performance in the main event was missing something =(

Just had to point that out.

After the huge hype that got going during the top 8, I see no reason TvC wouldn’t return.

Generally speaking, TvC is a pretty well made game with a good player base. To have one year of life in the biggest fighting game tournament is practically putting it on par with the original KOF13 or Capcom Fighting Jam or something. I personally find TvC to be much better than that.

From what you guys are saying, if we keep TvC strong like we did this year we can still get a next year run back.