EVO Unofficial 3v3 Team 3s Tournament

  • 3v3
  • $15 a team, 70/20/10
  • All SBO rules apply
  • Random seeding
  • Top 16 will be played on H2H
  • Audio settings: Mono, Original
  • Video settings: 94%, 94%
  • Game: PS2 Arcade Mode
  • Date TBA

*We will need players to help run the tournament, find players, anything to help make the event run smooth.

Team Quotes

Team ???

Team ???

Team UK
Ryan Hart/Zak/Harmonaz

Team ???

Team Corporate
Tech/Bacardi/Hold Dat

Me/Kofiend/??? Earn that 3rd spot please!!!

Can I earn the 3rd spot by challenging peeps to Smash Bros Brawl? =P

i will edit the first post for registered teams.

i’m down
i’ll help you run it jon

and i’ll team with you and justin if you guys want :slight_smile:

hmm time for me to look for ELIAS!!! and my third team mate :frowning:

Top 16 on H2H? Like an arcade cabinet? Japanese/US? Guess this will have to be done at Vegas since there’s no qualifiers anymore.

Sounds awesome to me.

Shiet I’m down.

i’m down

sounds like a great idea. could u elaborate more on the H2H part of it?

i assume 2 tv’s with a splitter? we had something planned like that for a tourney recently but didn’t have enough time to do it.

ill be entering this probably

Can i earn that spot in a burrito eating contest?

im willing to earn that 3rd spot for sure.

And i’ll help out if u need Kofiend. my ps2, 3s dics, help with the brackets…just call me

3v3 ftw!!!

damn nigga you dont want to team with me?

Team Corporate FTW

Team Corporate…i like that

now we need a third

I’m down. kofiend/jwong let me on that team yo.

let me be on your team justin. im good

yo walter make me your third