Evo updates/results

CvS2 Results:
1st - D44 BAS A Vega/Bison/Blanka 2
2nd - Ricky Ortiz - A Vega/Sakura/Blanka 2
3rd - Justin Wong C Vega/Chun-Li/Sagat 2
4th - Kindebu - A Sakura/Bison/Blanka 2
5th - Tokido - A Sakura/Bison/Blanka 2, Buktooth - N Iori, Chun-li, Hibiki 2
7th - Combofiend K Ken/Sagat/Cammy 2, John Choi - C Guile, Sak/Ken/Sagat 2

3s Results:

1st - Nuki - Chun-Li
2nd - Tokido - Chun-Li, Urien
3rd - Alex Valle - Ken, Ryu
4th - Mike Wakefield - Makoto
5th - Fubarduck - Chun-li , AznHitler - Necro, Ken
7th - Ricky Ortiz - Chun-Li, Ken, Ed Ma - Ken

pyro out, by emphy. amir peaced by valle and ed ma. justin peaced by valle. ksk loses to don sneddon (ghetto d, socal alex)

MvC2 Results:

1st - IFC Yipes - MSP
2nd - Justin Wong - Matrix, MSP
3rd - Erik “smoothviper” Arroyo
4th - Chris Schmidt
5th - Fanatiq / Brandon “Demon Hyo” Deshields
7th - Peter “potter” Avila / Sanford Kelly

Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo Results

1 - Tokido (Claw)
2 - John Choi (Ryu, Sagat)
3 - Graham Wolfe (Boxer, Claw)
4 - Afrolegends (Dee Jay, Boxer)
5 - David Sirlin (Honda, Bison) / NKI (Chun)
7 - Alex Valle (Ryu) / Nuki (Chun)

Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection Results

1 - Arario - going to assume Jack
2 - Spero Gin Eddie/Christie?
3 - Bronson -Ganryu
4 - Kane - Devil Jin
5 - Filthyrich - Heihachi / Slips - Eddie
7 - Mr. Naps - Devil Jin? / 725 - Steve

Virtua Fighter 5 Results

1st - Itazan - Shun Di
2nd - Nuki - Aoi, Pai
3rd - Otome - Jacky
4th - Tokido - Pai
5th - Ino - Kage, Myke - Kage
7th - Renzo - Brad , Sean Howard - Brad

Super Smash Bros.: Melee Results

1 - Ken - Marth
2 - Hugs - Samus
3 - Mango - Jigglypuff
4 - PC Chris - Falco/Fox
5 - Chu Dat - Ice Climbers
5 - Eddie - Ganon
7 - Chillindude - Fox
7 -DieSuperFly - Shiek

GGXX:AC Results

1 - Team Yossan
2 - Team Shittalk
3 - Team Kabuki
4 - Team Matlockdown

Wong vs Choi results

choi takes st, a2. wong takes mvc2, 3s, cvs2. cvs2 was down to the wire, justin came out on top.

wong vs dpc results

dpc wins 10-6 vs justin’s ruby heart/ken/jill

^ Link to pool play for all games, certain money matches (Amir vs Hsien).

Wong put down Choi? Damn, looks like a nice preview of the “Justin vs. Choi” event.

Also, no Kindevu this year?

Wong used C-Vega, Chun, Sagat.

He raped first game with Chun.

Choi won second.

Wong barely won last due to time.

Accent Core results?

MVC2 any results?when is marvel going down?thanks

god mago is such a rapist

Live feed is happening right now

AC results??

Can anyone like give us on who made it to the final 4 of Guilty Gear: Accent Core, and the top 8 for CvS2?? Would be much appreciated.


CvS2 Winners

Combofiend(lost to Buk)
Ino(Lost to Ricky)
John Choi(Lost to JWong)
Bas(Lost to Mago)

Still waiting on Accent Core Top 8.

I take it Kindevu didn’t show? Who did Kim Hahn Ohayo1234 lose to?

damn justin put choi in losers again this year

as far as i remember, justin beat choi last year also…pretty much the same thing (choi wins game 1 and jwong wins 2 and 3)

Top 4 (off the top of my head, thanks to Doren2k)
Gibson’s team
Japanese I-no’s team
Dont know the 4th team as of now.

Team Bama (Doren/SH/Isaac) scored 5th place overall, good job guys!!

Come on Marn!

How did Juicy G’s team do?

kindevu lost to nestor well that what i heard from IRC

I don’t trust IRC because they were later saying that Nestor had beaten Mago, not Kindevu, but Mago’s still in winners >_>

Glad SRK servers are up this year for EVo. Thx for the updates.

Damn I hate to see Omega get raped like that. Whats up with CvS2?

how did juicy g;s team do in gg


all i care about is juices team right now