Evo updates....?


YES, ppl in #vfhome want to know who won vf4evo. What’s up?



Props to Genghis, SooMighty, X, the AZ people(Carlos ownz me for free) and the other MvC2 Qualifiers^_^


2nd link = MVC2 updates. ___

So ugh…is this all the info we have on evo. from yesterday? No 3s qualifiers, no CVS2, no GGXX…just MVC2 money match results and qualifier results.


So in the cvs2 results are all of those people advancing or what?

If anyone cares, I know for a fact that Paul Kugler (kugler) of Reno fame made it out of his GGXX pool.

I also believe the poster known as Shinomori who also comes from Reno made it out of his pool as well. I could be wrong.

Paul uses Slayer while Shinomori is a Sol player (?).

Darn, Isaac graham didn’t make it I see.:frowning: Well, congrats to the players from the EC that made it.:cool:

Also, are they still having the team tournament?

Anyone know if Peter Susini from Miami, FL held up in his GGXX pool?

Isaac Graham made it to the loser’s bracket. He lost his first match to Carlos Belgrave but proceeded to run through the rest of the bracket (myself included). His MSP beasted on my lowly Storm/Sent/Cyclops.

Oh, so even if the people’s names are in the losers bracket they still qualified? My bad, I didn’t know.:sweat:

Props to my niggas from AZ. Good luck to you all.

I’m pretty sure he made it out of his bracket. There looks to be enough random Cali players to facilitate that for FL players.

Group play is what we need to hear about. Garvin’s group looks a little stacked to me.

Any word on Eder Resendiez and Robert Lugo?

ratio1beatdown sends daigo to losers in cvs2

Go Canada!:cool:

AZ qualified for marvel (goblyn, joe ellis, dan lite, DP/daniel, lynks, and japanegro) =]

ancientdays from fresno sends ratio1beatdown to the losers, ratio1beatdown gets knocked out by eric lee.

daigo sends ruin to lossers,it was one of the best matches today…good job ruin =]

bill is still asleep on the couch

EDIT : Nevermind this was updated today.

I see in the upsets that shadyk is in it. Is he out already?

Dang andy post more!!!

Carlos lost to soo in winners I heard… Joe is all out. Post more dude.