EVO upsets


could you please post some upsets. where are all the big name players???


DSP beat Afro first to 200 200-156, afro had his life on the line, DSP bet both his shoes, his Venom shirt, and 2 years of his salary, pics to follow…


wtf…thats a weird fucking bet

any upsets in marvel or cvs2??? plz post


because it never happened…

Some random Hawaiian sent Justin to losers in Marvel, no one knows who he is apparently.


how often does justin end up in the losers to win the tournament? Sorry but I almost expect him to get in losers.


rawzilla sent his bitch ass crying to the loosers hahahha :clap:


who took out the Iron man mitsu?


Not by a hawaiian player…


Justin Wong took out Mitsu. He could’ve had it if he didn’t screw up the IM infinite. Chalk it up to nerves, I guess…


both of chris schmidts losses.


Duc Do wins MVC2. How’s that for an upset?




coming from a former fellow davis student…

i know u love ur boy chris a lot and he’s a good player, and i admit that…but it was no upset IMO b/c i think potter and yipes were the better player. people lose because they lose…and people lose because they mistakes…even if they looked like he was going to win.

dang…i haven’t posted in awhile…

so i won’t anymore unless i’m bored.


Mitsu was in my qualifying pool and I beat him. I qual’ed in winners him in losers.