EVO venders attending?


Is their a list of what booths will be at EVO. I was debating by a new stick at the event and was curious who would be their. I’m mainly seeking an EightArc


Buy the New EVO madcatz stick


Don’t know if I want to do Madcatz anymore. They still don’t support Dual Modding which means i have to pay more money to do something that might not be done right and not covered by my warranty and beyond the SANWA parts, I have questions about how well they are constructed. Both my TEs are having odd issues. My 1st gen one occasionally ignores upper left and right and my current TE that I dual modded now has a nasty habit of desyncing when lightly smacked (or even mashing hypers in umvc), it’s now even doing it if i slightly lean.

I also tried the eight arc and it feels like the gate feels wider and i noticed a lot more accuracy.


BrokenTier, Madcatz confirmed so far.


They cant make and sell dual modded sticks because of licensing with microsoft. So don’t blame them, blame microsoft. Neither can any of the other companies do it legally either like Hori.You also run with the same risk of dual modding a hori or any stick for that matter.

As for your 1st gen TE, have you tried replacing the jlf pcb board? A common issue clients have with their stick is having issues with one of the directions not responding well. Most of the time its a easy fix by just opening up the microswitches in the joystick and blowing them out with a dust blower. For your other TE, check the usb wires to make sure they are soldered strongly and that all the pcbs are mounted securely.

AFAIK the eight arc uses the same type of JLF found in all the other sticks. Probably felt better because it was in newer condition than your own sticks?