Evo was HYPE... But did we really get the best out of the matches?

This is not a troll thread this is a legitimate argument or point of view. Due to the ps3 lag that was very evident in play especially in UMVC3, did we really get the best of the matches? Or did some of the drop combos gave the games a better element of surprise? There were numerous max damage extension and infinite combos dropped that people would normally would have which could have quite possible caused different outcomes. I know it is for the player to adjust to whatever circumstance and system you are playing on but did it really bring out the best of the match? Would you’ve like to seen flawless execution or did the element of surprise made the matches more thrilling?

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Infinites are really tight regardless, plus we saw JWong do it with storm a few times. Being in the biggest stage of the year in front of everyone while they’re yelling behind you and having jell-o hands when nerves attack, I think it’s normal to drop something like that.

I’m glad the infinites kept dropping, I would have been really bummed out if that’s what defined the next era of UMvC3.

That’s true, but were talking about the top elite players dropping combos. Its not there first time on the big stage. I could see if Cloud805 dropped combos but Neo, Rog, and others were dropping them. Infinite combos are apart of the game imo we just have to learn how to adapt. And like you said the execution is tight to begin with. I dont know. I just like to see the best perform that way without any compromise from the consoles.

You clearly have no clue about the energy in that room


Because Justin was also dropping stuff in SEAM 2013 which was also run on PS3… oh wait, he wasn’t.

Yes. Yes we did.

“The level of play was not good enough for my high standards as a stream monster.”

That’s basically what you are saying, lol…

Every competition adds factors that players have to deal with outside of the game. The best players are those who can deal with these factors on top of winning at the game.

Dually noted…

I understand your point of view but that’s not what I’m saying. I was just bring up the point of did we get the best possible. I don’t know I just try to relate it to a golf course on the PGA. Do you want players shooting amazingly low numbers on a relatively good course or do you want the players struggle against an extremely difficult course and shoot high numbers? That’s all…

I am leaning towards this point but like the golf analogy I just made is kinda pulling me the other way also. The “Grand” championship should have other elements that hampers the player imo. Its like playing the Super Bowl in the rain or the NBA Finals on an outdoor court. Just my opinion.

Thanks for the replies…