Evo West 2007 Footage: First Batch (ST) Is Up!

Check out the front page for the first batch of Evo West footage. Super Turbo is now available for download and watching.

sick, thanks for the footage

No Choi vs. DSP?

And very nice job to jchensor. I personally like the footage of the crowd, which I didn’t realize was that huge!

I don’t think my match vs Choi was recorded. which is a shame, b/c its the 1 match in finals I actually played seriously and lost. i would have learned a lot from seeing that footage.

If you used vega, I believe it is in the link I posted in the evo quick results thread.

Good shit. Balrog is so scary.

afro fucking legends!!!

Awesome! Thanks James!

cvs2 next pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

I agree.

Yeah, apologies to DSP again. AGAIN. I somehow always seem to miss recording your matches. :frowning: This time it was because Capcom had to maintain their schedule, and I was still recording the end to the Guilty Gear finals when they had started Super Turbo at the Comic Con (which, in a way, was totally worth it, because the ending to Guilty Gear at Evo West was one you had to see for yourself…). Right when Guilty Gear ended, you shoulda seen me: packed up the cameras and tapes and shit, was changing to a new tape WHILE RUNNING to the Comic Con, so that right when I got there, I was able to start recording right away and caught the tail end of the Alex Wolfe and Jason Cole match that had just started.

So yeah, I apologize to you again, Phil, for missing that match.

CvS2 will be the stuff I work on next for Evo West, but I hope everyone understands if it takes a bit for me to get them out. I am swamped with various prep work I need to do for Evo Vegas. Hopefully I’ll get them out some time before Vegas.

If not, I can guarantee you that after Vegas, I’ll be doing nothing but pumping out the rest of Evo East and West finals to tide everyone over until the DVD arrives.


It’s in there I believe.

Derek Daniels

Korea! Korea! Korea! Korea!

Very interesting stuff, one thing I noticed though, (saw about half the vids, will be seeing the later on today, its 12:31 am ;). Is that most players were using seemingly stock HRAPs, and saw pad, and an anniversary stick. Wow, I figured all of you guys would be using custom stuff. Lol, obviously controller doesn’t matter, the player does, though I find the custom sticks to be way better, than going back to even the HRAP, so was surprised at that. Anyhow guess just need to be there, I am trying to go to Evo South, East ;), peace!

James chen=working mans champion