EVO West 2k7 MVC2 casuals

Ok guys due to technical difficulties I didnt get that much recorded. I still was able to get some matches on my station, I was the big guy with the PC near the window. I hated that window, people were looking in at us like we were the animals in a zoo. Anyways here we go for starters…

Ruben vs Strider Mike

Ruben vs Cloockw0rk Jr

Ruben vs Wolvie Guy(This guy was crazy. Crazy as in always being surprised that when he lost that someone else actualy wanted to play. He was cool tho)

Ruben vs T-Lo aka Flying Guy
coming soon

Metrock: Hey Jason, great job on the video capture! Let’s get some anni/cvs2 practice going soon.

clock jr trying to get all fancy with sentinel and lost it! good match.

Who was Wolvie-Guy? That guy was really random.

Nice to finally meet you. Thanks for doing this. :tup:

Awesome. Do you by any chance have the Ruben vs Chunksta set that chunksta repeatedly lost? Charlie/Guile/Iron Man vs Chunk’s god-tier teams. Sounds like gold.

Thanks for telling me about that, btw. See ya Friday, Preppy.

I never caught that guys name, he was really enthusiastic bout playing tho. Yeah I never intoduced myself soory dawg i usually have bad manners but it was cool chillen with you for a lil bit.

That took place where the big boys were playing. They would randomly play where I was camped at but I didnt cap any of those matches, wish I woulda tho.

I upped a few more matches http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=metro661

lot of unknowns and ??? maybe if they watch, they can say its them.

I hope they do watch. It erks me to have wandering videos.

That video of MetRock with the “???” that was me…I think you have another one of ours recorded but the result was different =(

I don’t think you recorded any of Orlando since he spent most of the day playing in the corner on that one set-up.

I thought it was you but i couldnt be sure, ill update it.

Nice vids. :tup: