Evo West Day 1 and 2 Results

Here are results, but only for cvs2 because I didn’t pay attention to vf5.

CVS2 top 8 results

Pool 1
W- Combofriend
L- Jay “Viscant from Peru” Snyder

Pool 2
W- Kim Ohayo Hahn-HO-ang
L- John Choi

Pool 3
W- Buktooth
L- Gene “Sex and rape” Wong

Pool 4
W- Ricky Ortiz
L- Amir “Zeroblue” Amirsaleh

Top 8 battles were pretty intense. I was sitting next to 2 machines with crazy epic battles going on both sides. Here are some highlights.

Pool 1- Combofiend plays Viscant in winners finals, punches Snyderman to death for sagat ocv’s. Funny thing is I didn’t even see this match but I will bet all my cookies that is what happened. Afrocole loses to some a-groove guy before losers finals and Viscant beats up a-groove guy for the qualifying spot.

Pool 2- This was my pool. I play choi first round and lose. Winners finals end up being Kim vs. Choi. First game Choi’s Sagat of justice comes back from 5% to beat kim’s 100 percent Sagat. Kim wins the next 2 games with a vengeance and takes the winners finals. Losers finals come down to Senor Payaso (I think from Davis) vs. Choi. Choi takes it 2-1 and qualifies. Payaso puts on an impressive k-groove display just defending like a black Ino.

Pool 3- Lots of good players in this pool. Buktooth has to put in work, beating Laugh, Pigadoken, and Hail and Kill. These were probably the highlight matches of the night since all 3 opponents forced campbell to stop mashing to win. In losers Laugh beat Pigadoken 2-1 and Hail and Kill beat Laugh 2-1 to qualify for top 8 in losers. All matches were really close and intense. One audience member literally shit his pants at the climax of game 2 with laugh and HAK.

Pool 4- After clearing the shit stain left on station 3, the tournament continued. Amir played Evil Elvis first game and was sent to losers. Ricky breezed through to winners finals where he had to play Evil Elvis. Ricky wins 2-0. Evil Elvis meets Amir in losers finals for a rematch and the last match of the night. Amir scrapes by with the win and qualifies for top 8.

3S results so far

Winners- Amir, Watts, Pyro, Ken I
Losers- Hung, Ricky, Calipower, Guy from Hawaii

ST Results- Thanks to DXP

top 8 in st are
john choi
alex wolfe

antonio (xbox live blanka player ftw, he plays on xbox pad)
david sirlin

Marvel results

dark prince, crisco, duc do (ducvader), and chris schmidt (the final solution)

crizzle, jal (Peter Doken), clockwork (blockw0rk), wes (blockable laser)

Did anybody record the matches?

:confused: Didn’t Wizard specifically say they were sticking to 2/3 double elimination for all EVO tournaments? :confused:

Any marvel actions going on today??

Anyone got the scoop on ST?

I don’t have all the st results but its something like this.

Alex Wolfe
Jason Cole

Not sure beyond that. I heard graham played Afro first round - rog vs dj. Lost first game then it was vega vs dj and lost 2nd game. Choi played Afro next and lost first 2 rounds hella bad almost double perfect. Then woke up and put Afro into losers with old sagat. From there Afro cleaned up losers beating graham again (vega vs dj all games), beating valle and maybe watson. I hear dsp countered character his way to victory beating valle and maybe watson also.

Derek Daniels

Dx F’n P

Fuck Everyone Else

watson did indeed lose to dsp in ST, not sure if he qualified in losers or anything like that. good shit.
3s results:
winners: ken i watson amir pyro
losers: ricky o. hung valle hawaiindude?


I smell a $1000 grudge match at Evo Worlds.

who sent ricky to losers in 3s

good shit to all cvs2 placers.

wow it looks like the drama isn’t going to wait until finals…

If dsp did beat valle, what does this do for the betting line of justin/valle?

Whose great idea was it to give ‘the robot’ the source code to ST?

Will DJ be top tier? is he going to be the ace up the sleeve vs japan next month?

Will watson vs amir happen?

Will yun win… again?

Did anyone play marvel?

Why doesn’t omni ever call me anymore?

These answers and more to come…

good shit combo and papa watts

Go Hung!

Beast that shit in 3rd!

Time for Kim to take over the WORLD! HO :rofl:

Good job to everyone who has placed so far. Go get em’ Hung!

I think Marvel begins at 9pm, if it has not already done so.

Good games to everyone I’ve played so far. Tomorrow is where legends will be born…

get that shit afro!

wow good shit everyone.

anyone know what happened to t5:dr or ggxx:ac?

sup with the Peru thing?