Evo\west\east = cheating?

does anyone think this is total bs? These people get to skip the qualifying pools and not have to face the fatigue as everyone else. Not to mention that some of those pools are nothing but the leetest america has to offer. Some decent people could actually be knocked out early if they got into 2 pools with good players in it but I guess thats why they call it a tournament!!! The tension and anxiety alone are enough to make any person tired. Which means someone like wong or sanford could get tired and lose a match on accident and be placed in the losers bracket. I’m not saying that they couldnt make it that far anyway. They easily could. They wont be as tired as the other people who have been playing all day. I just dont think its fair. I think if you play evo there should be no special exceptions. YOU MUST BEAT THE FIELD TO MAKE IT THAT FAR. Not be placed there. WTF people, this is a world wide tournament, and your allowing people to make it to semi’s automatically.

What about the japs\canadians are they going to get the same deal? If the japs got the same deal, theyd take home every fucking penny for 3s and ggxx and HSF2 and anything else they’re godly at. I think there is some really shady shit going on. EVO gets a big sponsor this year and the tourney this year is fucked up.

how are you going to have a world wide tournament BUT only let the americans get the autoplacement?

Thats like telling the a pro sports team they can play in the confernce finals next year w\o going through the playoffs. It just doesnt make any sense and it takes all the competition out the game. Which is the fucking reason we do this thing. Im disgusted by the setup this year unless someone can give me a decent answer to why this has any decent advantage.

for god sakes wong or sanford could rape most people and your telling the rest of us we have to play them fresh when weve been playing all day…stack the odds against us more…

honestly if you call yourself a SF player you cant stand for this shit. We made this community into what it is today. A tournament means everyone starts from the bottom and the best make it to the top. Not put the best at the top and let everyone else battle to get that far. Then the rest has to play the best. WRONG!!! the best make it to the top no matter what. There should be none of this autoplacement crap.

I woudlnt even call this a tourney this year if this is how its going to be.

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If you think you can beat them go to the qualifiers and claim a spot for yourself, otherwise, STFU.

And thats why you shouldn’t smoke weed.

Who gets fatigued extremly from playing Street Fighter?
If you do, and cannot take minor pressure, stop fucking smoking.
That shit may ease you up for a while, but its fucking up your “normal” abilities.

Back on topic:

A new tournament style is fine because think of it this way.
They still have to face other people to make it through to semis.

Iit’s not like they are just fucking tossed straight through.

They are playing the “playoffs” just like everyone else.
Because, if you don’t feel like you have that much of a chance, why fly to vegas to lose?

Stop crying, scrub. This thread is like, every bad thread in the Evo forum combined. Just shut your fucking mouth. Any issues from this year will be ironed out next year, and if the other countries want to have quals, there’s nothing keeping them from doing it themselves THIS year. Next year it can be pushed to the Cannons and other Evo staff.

Either go to the quals and win, or go to Evo and win, otherwise shut the fuck up. If anything people should be more proud if they fight their way up from nothing at Vegas and beat the seeds from the regionals.

hey smart fuck you want to compare Evo to Pro sports. Then think about this in the playoffs if a team sweeps through a series they get to rest up until the team in their conference makes it to them. Think of the quals like that it’s only a portion of the whole turnament. Also your not in the finals until it’s only two people left.

P.S. America fuk yeah

You’re mistaken. All Evo tournaments use an open format, including Evo West and Evo East. Anyone can register, anyone can attend, and anyone can qualify for a spot in the World finals. There’s a huge 3s scene in Toronto. If those guys want to head down to Evo East to qualify, they’re more than welcome. The same is true for the Japanese and Evo West (though I understand it’s highly unlikely any of them would make the costly trip just to qualify).

you are a fucking dumbass. you make it sound easy for players to get top 8 at the qualifiers. i don’t think you understand that the best US players will be aiming to win at these qualifiers.

oh yea and most of the time the pools are filled with scrubs.

I understand that but whos going to fly just for a qualifier. It really sounds like its being one sided for americans. Yes, the pool EARLY on are filled with scrubs BUT they eventually start having some pretty solid people before the semi’s. Which could mean some early loses for some good players.

Didn’t someone make a thread for this already? Close this shit. Seriously, anyone who lives close to the quals should get the right to compete and play. Granted, there’s only 2 quals, but there will probably be more next year. Until then, stop whining. If you’re good you’ll beat the qualifiers anyway.

If your that shook up about it. Go to the eastcoast quals otherwise quit complaining. Did you ever think that not having someone with near perfect execution in the simi’s would actually lower your percentage of making it out of your poll or vica versa Obiviously you didn’t.

It has just become apparent to me that you either are a scrub that would be a top player if the sticks/ buttons worked or you can’t afford to make it to a qual. This thread should be closed and deleted.
Where do these cry baby liberals come from.

(a whining moment)
Dem-dem as crybaby"waaaaa waaaaa a top player got seeded and I didn’t"
guy with a brain " did you enter the same turny?“
DD as Crybaby” Yes"
GWB "Did you win?"
DD as Crybaby "NO"
GWB “walks away laughing”

just beat them…it’s simple.

They still have to qualify. Who knows they very well may end up facing more people at the quals than they would have to get to the semi’s at Evo.

On top of that, that means less top players for you to go through when you enter World Evo so it makes it easier for you to place.

More evo = More fun

Experienced or unexperienced, if ANY player can qualify at evo west/east, then congrats to them. If they’re someone not as skilled, lucky them, they played well and earned it. If it’s someone pretty good, great job, less pool domination from them.

Besides, if someone good loses early, too bad. It happens. Not every good player can place high.

If you can’t get top 8 at a qualifier you don’t have much of a chance of getting top 8 at vegas. 8 people that placed higher than you in the qualifier you went to, 8 people who qualified from the other tournament, and japanese entrants who get a near free win to pretty much anyone but the best of us. Even if you are capable of getting like 5th-8th at a qualifier your still an underdog to get top 8 at vegas, especially considering your likely going to be playing a famous japanese player in your first match at evo.

And playing in a long tournament is tireing.

Who is that guy never heard from him before, and the firstime he says something is to say stupid shit. MORON

Who cares?
Just play

But you are NOT one of the organizers/staff of EVO. They are free to run their event(s) any way they see fit. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of other tournaments around the country that have formats that sound more to your liking. I have no doubt that if, at the end of EVO 2006, the EVO staff discover that the disadvantages of this new format outweighed the advantages, they will alter the format for 2007. But if it bugs you that much, don’t go.