EVO West FINAL Results

Mario Kart DS

  1. J.Seng
  2. Glenn
  3. James Chen

** Dead or Alive 4**

  1. Jared
  2. Yun
  3. Jason (not cole)

** Hyper Street Fighter 2 **

  1. Graham Wolfe
  2. Alex Wolfe
  3. Valle
  4. Watson
  5. Chen, Cole
  6. Choi, Seth

<Ponder> graham is busting out lvl 6 TAPs with rog
Also apparantly Graham used a stock nubytech stick, truly the stick of OGs.

** Tekken 5 ** - thanks evilj

  1. insanelee-ganryu
  2. arario-steve jack 5
  3. ace r. - nina
  4. filthy- heihachi
  5. chet -paul/jack 5
  6. alexman -Devil Jin
  7. nerenatwah Nina
  8. KaNE -Devil Jin

<inkblot> literally no one watching t5

** Guilty Gear Slash **

  1. ID/ComboFiend (2 man, CB will be on the team in vegas)
  2. Kugz/JC/SpiritJuice
  3. Ruin/Xenotiger/Sirlin

Reportedly Chaotic Blue was supposed to be on ID’s team but something happened where he was not on the team on saturday, and not able to join the team. I don’t know any details of this i’m sure we’ll get them later.

EDIT: It’s been cleared up, CB was unable to attend west, however his team did sign up with him listed, and they did not play with anyone else, so he will be allowed on the team in vegas.

** Capcom vs Snk 2 **

  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Buktooth
  3. Kim
  4. John Choi

** Marvel vs Capcom 2 **

  1. Chunksta
  2. Soomighty
  3. Finesse
  4. I think potter from the comments below:

<inkblot> soo beats potter
<inkblot> soo & chunksta in the finals of winners
<inkblot> chunk beats soo
<inkblot> finesse vs soo in losers final
<inkblot> finesse 3rd…soo vs chunk now
<inkblot> 2-1 chunk
<inkblot> soo was up 1-0. big lead in 2nd game, started screwing around, and lost

** Third Strike - I think this is right from the comments **

  1. Pyro
  2. Amir
  3. Combo
  4. Ed Ma
  5. Hung
  6. Peter Yoon
  7. Valle
  8. MutantXP

Peter Yoon vs Pyro
<inkblot> pyro wins
<inkblot> sorry laughing too hard
<True_Tech> yeaaaaah
<inkblot> john d. commentary is too funny
<inkblot> hung vs combofiend
<inkblot> combo wins
<MJ> elena?
<inkblot> yeah elena
<inkblot> next valle vs ed ma
<inkblot> Ed beats Valle 2-1
<inkblot> amir beating up on anthony chu(mutantxp)
<inkblot> winners final: pyro vs combofiend
<inkblot> game pyro
<inkblot> 2-0
<inkblot> ed ma vs peter yoon next
<inkblot> ed ma wins
<inkblot> hung vs amir
<inkblot> amir wins
<inkblot> ed vs amir
<inkblot> amir wins
[combo vs amir, amir wins again]
<inkblot> pyro vs amir

Good shit Glenn, Owning it up in DDR Freestyles, now MK:DS? Multi-talented

Forgive my ignorance, but what’s a “lvl 6 TAP?”

Balrog’s Turn-Around Punch (hold all punches or all kicks). The longer you hold it the more damage it does, and the announcer yells the number corresponding to the level.


u gotta hold that shit for a pretty long time.

yeah if the announcer says final…then you’re pretty much dead…check this out:


i hear the doa guys enjoyed the hsf finals.

Also worthy of note: alex wolfe ST dhalsim comeback against valle’s ce bison. Valle has like 75% life, alex has like 2 pixels. Alex won with those two pixels remaining. Definitely the most cheered match in the finals. F**king phenomenal!

good shit to the wolfe brothers coming out. Old SF2 is so much more fun to watch and play than walk backwards, walk forwards, walk backwards for 20 secs street fighter.

Much propz to the CHUNKSTA!!! THAT’S MY BOI! yayaaaaaa

check 1st post

damn…if the ec says you’re # 1 on the west coast…you’re #1 on the west coast.

Good Job Chunk! I knew you could do it!

Wish I was there to play, see you at Evo.

Good job to the rest of the top 8 finishers!

amir vs pyro right now aka pyro about to get that cake

Good shit Chunk…

good shit R U N and renocrew oh and the LV don+his squad!

Wasn’t that Valle, not Watts?

More on the comeback

<Gwolfe> nah i hit him with the 6 turnaround, he fell and i short dashed then did super after it
<Gwolfe> and caught him
<Gwolfe> doubt it, or it would be posted im sure

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    <goSHGL> fuck crazy
    <goSHGL> so go on with ur bro vs valle
    <Gwolfe> so then valle had 70% life, alex is dizzy with 2 slivers of life in final round
    <Gwolfe> alex is my bro for this story
    <Gwolfe> and then valle jumps at him
    <Gwolfe> my brother shook outta dizzy in 1/10th of a second and blocked the jump kick
    <FMJaguar> NUBY POWER
    <Kaishiro> haha
    <Gwolfe> then he managed to get away from him full screne
    <Gwolfe> i dont know how
    <Gwolfe> then somehow got him in a noogie, at that point everyone was screaming
    <Gwolfe> and then he cheaped him a few more times, then cornered valle and he escaped my brothers cheap trap
    <goSHGL> dont tell me he chumped him to death
    <Gwolfe> but alex speared him and won
    <goSHGL> slide noggie
    <Gwolfe> he did that only once
    <Gwolfe> then valle jumped out
    <Gwolfe> valle had like 1 sliver left though
    <Gwolfe> somehow 2 noogies took out almost 70% life hehe
    <Gwolfe> it was an insane comeback
    <Gwolfe> i really hope the footage gets online
    <Gwolfe> i couldnt believe alex won, never seen him pull off a comeback like that before

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Good shit, Chunk!