Evo West Marvel Teams Updated Thread

This will take place in the BYOC area! This even will take place on Saturday, July 28th at 2pm.

3 on 3 single game, Double elimination format.
$30 per team, Winner Take ALL!

*Winner must keep same team, may switch order.

Switch glitch is allowed if exercised in the following example: If you pick Storm/Mag/Psy and glitch Mags on point and Win, you must repeat same process in the next game.

There will be absolutely no reconfiguration of buttons to allow 2 in 1s! One button dashes are BANNED! Korngo and Blaziniflo are the directors and Wizard has given them full authority over the rules.

Please make sure one member of your team has a stick on them at all times.
If a member of your team is caught up in singles we will allow a present member to play twice but opposing team must agree to avoid an advantage.

If there are any disputes, if a game is played through, you accept the loss. You must make your case known before you play the game.

Winning team gets a round of drinks on me.

Make sure the evo east mvc2 team reset syndrome doesn’t get diagnosed into players at evo west.:lol:

Hard reset = automatic loss. No matter what.

Team Bulletproof already won…

We can sign up on the spot, right? I don’t know my team situation is yet.

wipe me fuckin down