Evo West Marvel Teams

these are rules by the man, himself.

Everybody post up your teams, DO IT!


Team GOONIEZ: Crizzle/Korngo/Chunk

me chunk and chunk…team free.

I’ll run evo west team tourney (if I go).

You NEED to post your teams on srk + pm me the phone number of at least ONE of the team members (so I can contact you during the tournament). If you fail to assemble your team in the span of 10-15 minutes (this should be enough time to return from a meal), then you will be sent to losers/dq’d. If one of your members is playing tournament that is excusable and your period to assemble will be extended. However, if one of your teammates is mia, I will allow you to play handicapped, and allow for your teammate to return for the next round. Unity is key for this team tourney. Standard rules apply. If you register late at the actual tournament, you need to give me the number/entry fee. I have no tolerance to complaining. If you don’t like the brackets, I can refund you your money. I make fair brackets, everyone can watch as I create them. ALso, I would like to do the brackets before evo west, so that people can know who they play and it will be easier to transition from one match to the next. I will also leave spots open for other teams to enter (that are late). If you like this idea post up. Also, Fanatiq is banned from entering this team tourney.

Post team names as well.

Team We love bill:
J wong
P Wong
C Wong

lol none of you are ready for me/jesse/nki

i assume by jesse, you mean me.

Hey robust, can i enter on multiple teams. I’ve beeen waiting for a matchup against myself since our last matcup at ecc5. Fuck myself, I got lucky as shit and I’m dying to get vindicated.

naw Justin… im talking Jesse aka “UCRJesse” aka “UCRollerblader” aka “I fucked up Amir at Marvel last evo and i dont play Marvel” Jesse.

fuck you. I didn’t even want your ass anyways…okay now i’m lying…

Potter right? How many per team cause we have a team of 5 players, Casual Cartel and also if its you potter that means you will make it to evo west?

P.S. Check out our avatars, they are damn funny

team tournies consist of three players per team.

10 dollars per person

pot split undecided at this point. Probably 80/20. 3rd place gets the gratitude of ranking amongst the best on the west.

you can have 5 people, although it won’t make a damn bit of difference if you play my team.

:wtf: yeah…:wonder:

For that i would MM you but i’m broke but for sure lets play at evo first to five for the hell of it.


i be going to evo west, but in search for some team members :bgrin:

so you coming out for sure then? Im down to play marvel for shots

I will wreck you. I couldn’t even bring my C game cause wazzler’s place was 108degrees. I’ll spot you 3shots, lol. I don’t want to see you red all weekend.

I’ll play you 2/3 for fun. If you can get a win, I’ll go to 3. I don’t play for free. Sorry, nothing personal.

Niz, I like your sent. Holla at me.

i need a team as well…

mike ross? ace? chunk?

<-------------------Team Tourney Gd.

I’ll be holding an audition for who I want on my team. Right now possible candidates are Hammy Jal, Mike Boss, Wigfall, Potter, Nizmor, and then a few others. I will be holding a double elimination 64 man tourney the day of, and top 2 are on my team. Jal’s seeded #2, cause analog loves him.

$10 entry, split 50% 1st, 50% for my vig.

Chunk’s also been nominated cause someone said norcal sucks.

Koo no problem then…:wonder:

anyone looking for trump card player? lol get at me!

i was gonna run it… =o and why is fanatiq banned?

you can run it. That’s coo with me. I was going to ban him because I don’t like him. :smiley: