Evo West MvC2 Top 8 Matches!

Captured, edited, compressed, and submitted to Preppy… the videos are now availble for your downloading enjoyment. I hope you all enjoy them. Post your comments on the matches, the videos, whatever…

… CAN they East Coast do better? We shall soon see.


Next: 3S! “Sweep the leg!!”

thanks Rotendo <3

also can’t wait for the 3s vids!!~

I predict the East will destroy the West at finals unless West seriously steps it up a notch (don’t let me down, West!).


i like how in soo/chunksta first set 2nd match…

the pause happens, and ponder or ink just tells CHUNK to let STORM fall…


both players are obviously confused as what to do next…

and PONDER/INKBLOT continues to tell them to play on…

thats hella fucking stupid.

Its nice to see some players that I’ve heard of but havent seen play yet. I love the style of West coast players.

Good shit Rotendo and Preppy.

MvC2 = hype

Thanks Rotendo & Preppy

Thanks rotendo for making them vids hott.
Thanks preppy for hosting ASAP.


Do any of you happen to know the order of the matches?

Yes, they are in order by alphabet, but here are the order they were played

  1. Chunksta(W) vs Crizzle [winners]
  2. Potter vs Soomighty(W) [winners]
  3. Reset vs Randy Lew(W) [losers]
  4. Taiji vs Finesse(W) [losers]
  5. Chunksta(W) vs Soomighty [winners finals]
  6. Crizzle(W) vs Randy L [losers]
  7. Potter vs Finesse(W) [losers]
  8. Crizzle vs Finesse(W) [losers]
  9. Soomighty(W) vs Finesse [losers finals]
  10. Soomighty vs Chunksta(W) [grand finals]


Yeah, i really didn’t know what to do next after that. I thought we had to restart if someone did that, but he told me to play on. It was a stupid accidental mistake i did. I apologize for that happening =[

im not even hating on you since i bet on you vs Crizzle… <3

but this obviously shows once again the cannons do not know shit about marvel.
when it got to the point that both storms were just standing there not doing SHIT, then the match should have been replayed.

If a judge doesn’t step in an no one protests, the match continues.
I don’t see Chunk or Soo complaining. What’s your beef exactly?

Goddamnuit, you aint never lied on that man, jesus christ. After watching those matches im like omfg, dude. omg. lol.

Good shit cannons

Chaotic Blue

No one protested? The crowd noise was pretty obvious in the background, especially on the resume of play. It sounded like most people there didn’t agree with the resuming of play or whoever it was that said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! PLAY!”. Should they have had to protest? Seems pretty basic that the pause would equal a restart. Especially in the finals.

There was a bit confusion with the players as to what to do after that, but when told to play on and told to let Storm fall, immediately after the unpause she got hit with the super, took mad damage and it turned the game in favor of Chunk, but Soo never said anything and they continued.

In another game, you can hear someone say, “Don’t pause this time!” lol

I agree with ponder.

west coast lookin horrible =/

The real URL is http://zachd.com/mvc2/#evowest , actually - the #pickles thing was just an injoke from some random TV show. “Pickles, sir, pickles.” ?!? :smile:

EDIT: Fixed up the ordering of the matches on my page :tup:

Preppy, lmao @ your AV. Nice!

You are all welcome and thanks for watching. Look for the Third Strike matches by the weekend. Really busy now that my online classes just started, but I have half of them captured. What to expect:

  • One file per match (that way you can catch all the funny ass commentary)
  • Large file sizes due to games not being broken up, but totally worth it
  • A few intermission footage between that catches more of the commentary and crowd laughter
  • Great matches, taunts, and more…

and special request for intro music used in videos?

BIG BIG ups to my BOy CHu7nk. damn son you got good!!