EVO West Qualifiers Results (sorted and updated)

You might want to ask yourself, why is the organizer of ECC posting EVO West results? Well considering that the only info about this tournament is 1. posted in the wrong forum and 2. considerably hard to read since info is all over the place, I decided to do a public service and sort all info HERE, in this thread. I guess getting OFFICIAL results from EVO staff at this point is wishful thinking.

Here is what we know so far, and I will update as I am provided with info:

Top 8 Qualifiers:

Ricky Ortiz
Campbell “Buktooth” Tran
Kim "Ohayo1234"
Keith from Norcal

John Choi
Eric Lee “Leezy”

Notes: Combofiend was beaten by Amir and Albert for a big upset, and was eliminated.

Third Strike****
Pyrolee - yun
Hung - oro
Combofiend - chun (he plays chun??)
Peter yoon - yun

Amir - chun
Alex Valle - ken
Edma - ken
Mutant XP - necro

Notes: Ricky Ortiz is upset and beaten by Peter Yoon, despite the fact he perfected him one game.

Anniversary Edition (NOT ST like everybody keeps saying):**
Alex Wolfe
Graham Wolfe
Jason Cole
James Chen

Mike Watson
John Choi
Seth Killian
Alex Valle

Notes: Everyone on this list is an OG Street Fighter player. I guess there is no new blood on the West Coast!

Marvel vs. Capcom 2**
Harry Potter

Randy Lew

NOTES: People pressed buttons. A lot. Fucking button pushers!

Tekken 5**
Ace R. (SD)
arario (SOCAL)
Bronson “insanelee” (NORCAL)
FilthyRich (SOCAL)

NerenatwaH (SOCAL)
chetchetty (SOCAL)
AlexMan (SD)

NOTES: Blah, Tekken.

Dead or Alive 4:**
Well, the story here is that only 10 people showed up at the qualifiers, and the only person anybody knows was Jason Cole. And he qualified. So basically not many people had to do anything to qualify…pretty interesting for a game EVO chose to give $5k as a first prize. A sign of things to come, or will many more players show up at EVO East???

Guilty Gear Slash Team Tournament**
So far, not many of these results are released, but here’s what we know:

Team Beast: Tushar Chopra, Mike Z, and Fred

Also Definitely’s team qualified, but not sure where.
Mario Kart DS**

  1. J.Seng
  2. Glenn
  3. J. Chensor

NOTES: Nobody cares because 1. EVO is a fighting game tournament and 2. Mario Kart is the most broken game for DS. Yay, whore that snaking! Maybe next year we’ll get Tetris DS or another game of skill, if EVO staff bothers to listen.

Additonal info:

Guilty Gear Slash Singles Side tournament:
1st Kugler
2nd Combofiend
3rd ID
4th Heidern98
5th Definately/Xenotiger

That’s all that is known for now, I will update as more results are available!

You forgot to mention the part where one guy made DOA final 8 without playing anyone. =P It might’ve been only 9 people, they just said “9 or 10”.

And Cole’s the only one who would really be known outside the DOA community. The guy I mentioned who got the bye is Spartan712, a frequent poster on DOACentral. He’s in winners vs. an Elliot player from the Bay Area named Yoon. There’s also someone who goes by “cyxx” and another one with the screen name of “Vizierde”, dunno where they’re at. And Cole’s in losers. That’s about all I know.

Thanks a lot though, appreciate this!


from what i hear chunksta gotta play his norcal partner crizzle tomorrow, potter plays soomighty. pretty wack i think it should be norcal vs socal.

i know but any ways lets go for all the homie from norcal

thanks dsp for compiled results.

Who does the wolfe brothers use in AE? I’m really curious.

Good shit Ace, JAL, and mothafuckin KaNe! REP that korean stick DJ.

I don’t think anybody was thinking that or wanting to ask themselves that question

Pretty sure of it actually

Any Mario Kart DS results? I’d like to know the times people got on their time trials too if possible. Could they use their personal bests they had set before? Or could they only use the times they got there that day?

I missed West due to so many unanswered questions, but I hope to make it to Vegas.

Good job to everyone who advanced, good luck today!

also remember these ppl won’t be in your pools at evo vegas! everyone wins!

Congrats to Alex and Graham Wolfe on Aniversary Edition. Good luck on the Evo Finals bro’s.

Bradford McDermott

:sad: Deus didn’t qualify? Who’d he lose to? :sad:

Damn, a shame Ricky lost in 3S.

Any word on what happened to Sextaro?

I highly doubt you can use your personal best, since you could cheat a lot there. All we know right now is that chen is top 4.

In addition: <inkblot> MKDS Resuts: 1st J.Seng, 2nd Glenn, 3rd J. Chensor

I know this is real picky but can you please edit my name correctly to HEIDERN98 (Not HeidREN with no 98):lovin:

Good clean fun guys. Kugler is broken.

Time Paradox

Why the CvS2 Top 8 doesn’t suprises me at all?

Anyone know how many entered for each game?

Pyrolee… Plays console?

$$$$ talks fool simple