Evo West, Quick results

Third Strike

  1. Amir (CH)
  2. Pyrolee (YU)
  3. Ricky Ortiz (KE)
  4. Mike Watson (KE)
  5. Sextaro (MA)
  6. Leviathan from Hawaii (YU) <- nice
  7. Hung Bee (OR)
  8. Alex Valle (KE)

Super Turbo

  1. John Choi
  2. Afrolegends
  3. Jason Cole
  4. David Sirlin
  5. Alex Wolfe
  6. DXP
  7. Antonio
  8. Viscant

VF5 results
1st Ken I AKA Sextaro (Lei Fei)
2nd Renzokuken (Brad) *
3rd Chanchai (Lion) **
4th Plague (Akira)
5th Brisal (Wolf/El Blaze) / Unsafe Dan (Sarah)
7th LA Akira (Shun) / Peter Suh (???)

1st Kim Ohayo1234
2nd Combofiend
3rd Choiboy
4th Ricky Ortiz
5th Buktooth
5th Gene
7th Viscant
7th Amir

1st chris schmidt
2nd dark prince
4th Crizzle
5th Crisco
5th Ducvader
7th Wenghis aka Blockable Laser aka Welsey Matsui
7th Clockw0rk

MvC2 Team Tourney
1st: Chunk/crizzle/anthoneezy
2nd: Mike Chaos/Dark Prince/Combofiend
3rd: Jal/Chris Schmidt/ Potter
4th: Blaziniflo/Y2J/Nismor
5th: Reset/Taiji/Mike Ross
5th: Rubillionaire/David/Strider Mike
7th: Justin K/ Wentinel/ Wes
7th: Ruin/Kevin N./Allen
7th: Crisco/Clockw0rk/Genghis

ggac results were:

1st. Ruin/Xenotiger/Ken I.
2nd. Dr. Stormlocke/Hellmonkey/Purrin
3rd. Chaotic Blue/Combofiend - 2 MAN TEAM BITCHES
4th. kugler/Spirit Juice/JC

smash was:

1st. Mew2King
2nd. PC Chris
3rd. Chu Dat
4th. EdreesesPieces
t5th. Mr. Ganondorf
t5th. Hugs
t7th. Roy
t7th. Mango

Crisco got 5th. Crizzle got 4th. Too many Chris’ in marvel.

1st chris schmidt
2nd dark prince
4th crizzle

I believe these are the results, I’ll fix them if they’re wrong. Congrats to all.

I’m suprised Ricky lost cvs2, but it happens I suppose. And those marvel results are crazy. Congratz to the top 8 placers. Guess I’ll see those guys in the semi’s at evo worlds then.

I’m looking forward to it:devil:




1st - Josh ?Arario? Park - Jack-5
2nd - Derek ?KaNE? Lee - Devil Jin
3rd - Rich ?FilthyRich? Batengui - Heihachi

4th - Bronson ?insanelee? Tran - Ganryu
T 5th - Steven ?Yi Machine? Yi - Asuka
T 5th - Mike ?MYK[jamgi]? Kwon - Steve
T 7th - Jinbo ?SuidAfrikaMitsu? - Yoshimitsu
T 7th - Andy ?725? Lam - Steve

Wait, i thought dark prince was banned for All Evo events or was it just Evo world?

good shit DARK PRINCE!

I’ve always been a fan of Jessica JALba’s, and darkness is spreading with the prince taking them checks and straight cashin’ em on these cats foreal.

Good fuckin Shit to Schmidt, Prince, and jAl’ Queda

And good shit to the rest of top 8.

fuck you clock…

i love you

yes good games indeed during the SSF2 & 3S (despite the minor nuance that is comic con but it’s understandable due to fire marshal deal)

I first wanna give hella props to Dark Prince. Although I don’t really care for all his trash talk he played an excellent game and really really added to the enjoyment of the tournament. O and he was banned but, well I’ll let staff handle it.

Overall… Best matches I’ve seen in a long time. Great … matches.

fire marshall?

chris schmidtttt


who knocked out ricky ortiz from cvs2?

I love you too Romel…ahahahaha

Hustle Hard Money stack Sell that dope Sell that crack Sell that pat Sell that gat…what you know about dat??? hahahaha Mike Rosssssssss!!!

combo took him out in winners, and choi took him out in losers which i thought was the best match of the day

actually the cvs2 matches were all pretty dope, even the ones where the crowd needed a break.

OMG, gj crizzle for taking 4th and Chris Schmidt for taking EVO WEST!

did combo use K? (who knocked out combo?)
and are there any vids of cvs2 finals?
wanna see some ohayo vids!
will he have em up on his site?