Evo West Recording(Mvc2)

This is to any Evo staff that can answer this. Is recording via vcr or PC allowed of actuall tourny play allowed by the players. Im bringing my vcr and possibly my PC depending on this answer. I want the best quality possible(yucky composite is all i have to work with) although cam is cool with the crowd reactions I know some people including myself do like quality better. More than likely it will only be of pool play none the less I would rather be safe than sorry Lugging around my PC needlesly.

Anyone interested I will have a mixer and a mic for those who want to commentate on some casuals and money matches.

You the man!

You rock, dude! I personally prefer the crowd noise because there’s nothing like that LIVE feeling of being there when you’re watching it. Although direct feed is better. I think it would be great if u could somehow get the direct feed along with the crowd noise. But if not, then any footage is better than no footage lol!


Ive been told its the type of mic that Im using. It only picks up the person talking directly into the mic and some minor crowd noise like maybe within a few feet radius. Id like to just put the mic on a stand and pick up whats in the general area say 20-30 foot radius.

Id love to have both but with my limited funds and equipment this is what I have to work with. Thanks for your words Dawg

Oh ok. No prob man and thanks for even capturing anything.

aye, we’re also taking a couple camcorders, curious about the recording rules

Ok Im binging my PC even tho i got no response. Damn thing is heavy as hell.

yeah im bringin all my shit too. I believe its allowed…just dont release it without SRK’s permission.

Is it a production studio?:woot:

hahahahaha negative sir. Just some cameras.

TheGreaterForce will capture it Clockwork vs. DPC-style… that would be bomb ass vids!!! sell it!

I got some shit I wanna try this year, might be wack as fuck but we’ll see how it turns out lol.

Thanks for the support though dude.

way to come through mike, lol.

We dont allow direct feed capture at finals, and we dont allow people to put up matches until the dvd is out.

Hope this helps.

Just to clarify, Wizard only means for Evo Worlds footage (Vegas). Though some West and East matches may end up on the DVD, people who capture West and East (and Sout hand North) footage is perfectly allowed to post them up on the internet. I’ll still be working on releasing the official SRK versions of all the matches anyhow, but people can put up whatever they want from West and East.

But for Vegas, yes, PLEASE do not release any footage until after the DVD comes out, and even then only release footage that doesn’t make it onto the DVD.

Well since West is over, would it be possible to get direct feed of pool play at World? It kinda came up on me fast and I didnt have time to setup at West since I was way across the room.Mainly I want to cap all my matches at my station. I figured the finals would be untouchable, unless you guys are looking for help with the DVD :wgrin: