EVO West SNK 2007- "I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali..."

I originally was planning to go to T8 but I cannot find my birth certificate so I can get my passport so I am going to have to go to T9 and go to EVO West instead. Which I am sure some of you don’t mind. I say I’m going back to Cali because I grew up in Oceanside, California…on Camp Pendleton! (Yes I’m a military brat!)

If you plan on going to US SNK Nationals 2007 in Vegas here is your chance to prepare!!!

So lets get this going I’m hella excited about going back to Cali…I hope to throwdown with some of Cali’s great players!!

I need staff of 5-6 people to help me run things…sign up as a SNK Staff member and you get free registration into the tournaments.

**Staff only has to pay $2 entrance total into the Money tournies!!

**KOFXI **($5)-DG, Koll,Nocturnal, WadeWilson,
NGBC ($5)-DG,Koll,Nocturnal,
KOFNW ($2)-DG,Nocturnal,
Garou MOTW($3)-DG, Nocturnal,
SST($2)- DG,Nocturnal,,WadeWilson,
KOF98 ($2)-DG,Nocturnal,,
Power Instinct Matrimelee II ($1)-DG,Nocturnal
**World Heroes Perfect **($1)-DG,Nocturnal
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 ($2)-DG,Nocturnal
($2)- DG,Nocturnal
Last Blade 2 ($2)- DG, Nocturnal
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special-$1- DG, Nocturnal
Kizuna Encounter (free)- DG,Nocturnal

Dark Geese’s SNK Staff Members:


I wasn’t planning on entering any of the major games till EVO World so I can likely make it down Sat til Sun hopefully for BYOC. I need to crash at someones pad if thats possible thats close to SD I know the area really well also. I’m willing to help pay for a room if any needs help doing that, I dont mind sleeping on the ground either. I’ll see if I can get Giby to come down so we both can help run things for those 2 days. I might be able to come down Fri but that would be a nightmare with rushhour traffic since I work that day. I’ll let you know more on what the plan will be but if I do go I can help run things if you need help. I’ll also bring my Ps2 and MVS setups so people can decide if the want arcade perfect or PS2 ports for non Atomishave games.

Hmm I guess I will enter XI and NGBC, if you still need staff memebers to help you run the tournies I am up for it.

Nocturnal- Excellent man I will try to take care of the arrangements for you to have a place to stay etc!! I can just make sure Saturday and Sunday the main games happen and Friday we have some other games I can use others to help me run.

Koll- Excellent man I got you and Noc signed up as my Staff members! I got you signed up for NGBC and KOFXI.

OH! FUCK! I’ll SEE you There!

fuck it…sign me up for STAFF MEMBER, i am going to this!

Staff member-XTG…done! Shall I put you in everything?

Put me down for all games also.

Noc gotcha down!! :rock:

How long will we be staffing for because I will be writing for a paper… I am also bringing a couple people to play with so… do they have to sign up here? (btw we suck but are willing to try)

Staff with me as much as you can…any staffing is a appreciated I understand some can do more than others but I have no problem with that at all.

What day are you running the KOF XI tourney?

The KOFXI tourney will be on Saturday.

DG;s coming to EVO West.
Alright then.

I’ll be entering XI and 98.

Gotta get some XI matches in DG.

Yessir I have entered you in KOFXI and KOF98 then consider it done!!!

Bump EDIT- We gotta bump this also because it is surely coming and we need to get it started…

I will need the following-

**Someone to bring a VCR with a remote!!!
**Someone that wants $20 out of my own pocket to upload all the EVO West SNK 2007 vids to youtube after the tournament from the VHS tapes and will be a staff member!!!

Who wants this?

Also as I have done for EVO North SNK 2007…no longer is it totally free as a Staff member, in order to try and raise the pot I am requiring for all money tournaments staff members to pay $1 to enter.

Can do.
Would it count if the remote is universal?
I know they tend to mess up when you don’t want them to.
I might buy a new 1.

I assume all of these games will be on the PS2?

Yes it’ll count one of the problems was at EVO East was we had some VCRs but no remote meaning we could not set it up/use it!!!

Most of the games will be on PS2…if not they will be on MXBOX… (Mainly the free ones with the exception of KOF98 not free)

Well, I got a VCR. w/ Remote
I think I have 3 blank tapes
and a grip of cable cords.

I just can’t do the uploading.

Cool I will be supplying the tapes…I’ll have PLENTY believe me…I am sure I can get someone to do the encoding at home or something…

i should have asked here instead of the FGD SNK thread…but am i roomin with anyone here? DG? Triad? random bum? im bringin camcorder & tapes too. :smiley:

I dunno if The Triad is going to EVO West…I hope so…but yeah you can room wherever I go…