EVO West vs. East 5v5. Who should get drafted?

Just announced today in the Evo Streaming Details article,

I am *very *interested to see who Justin and Josh end up picking.

Who do you think deserves to make the cut?

For me, on the east coast team I’d like to see (assuming each captain picks 4 players):

  • Chris G.
  • RyRy
  • Masta CJ
  • Marlin Pie

and on Justin’s team, I hope he picks:

  • Combofiend
  • Viscant (especially because he does strangely well in Phoenix mirrors, assuming RyRy plays a Phoenix team)
  • Clockwork
  • Marn (or maybe F. Champ if he uses his non-phoenix team)

(nothing against Floe, but he plays the same exact team Justin plays, so I’m not sure how much it would add in a 5v5, from a spectator’s point of view)

Richard N should be in. I like him better than Marn in this game, even though I’m a huge Marn fanboy lol

Yeah, I’d like to see Richard in it. The only concern is that he’s currently playing a Phoenix team. So you could possibly end up with 3 / 5 phoenix players on the west coast team.

His Dante is sick though.

K your west coast team is all socal…viscant,justin, fchamp , xray or mine , the last slot whoever tbh… norcal has killers also.

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Chris G. is Emp

MastaCJ isn’t EMP anymore, he deserves to be on the 5v5 regardless.

Nope. Local Battles.

Edit: Also Josh Wong needs to be on the 5v5.

In about 4 more post this will be a popularity contest…

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is PR Rog considered east coast?

Why can’t norcal just make a separate team? It’s MvC3. Even a 5 v 5 isn’t going to take very long.
Make it a 5 vs 5 vs 5 instead.

And I don’t think MarlinPie or Masta CJ will be at Evo.

PR Rog
Chris G
Rahsaan/CJ/Josh Wong/Ryan Hunter/Remix/Jago


Honestly, there are alot of good players and no matter who gets chosen somebody is gonna get snubbed.

Eddie Lee

Nobody’s mentioned Floe?

Floe x-copies Wong now.

West Coast AKA “Send in the Phoenixes”

Clockwork or Richard N.
Filipino Champ
Justin Wong

East Coast

Chris G

Flash Metroid?

East Coast is in trouble :frowning:

Maybe we can lend the east coast one of our players to help fill out the roster

Would definitely like to see Combofiend, Clockwork, Chris G, NerdJosh and Viscant

People forgetting East Coast or forgetting East Coast is more than NY

Chris G
Nerd Josh
Josh Wong
10 Stars
Smooth Viper
Noel Brown
Marlin Pie
Masta CJ
EMP Remix
EMP Rashaan
EMP Jago
IFC Yipes
Ryan Hunter
Flash Metroid
Demon Hyo

Sanford might have been doing secret training in MvC3 and saving it for EVO
Jago definitely deserves a spot, especially if this will be his last EVO :[

Triforce isn’t letting EMP play on the 5v5. He says they rep the empire, not the East Coast.

Also Timothy is in Jamaica.

What I think the east coast team should look like:

Josh Wong
Chris G
Master CJ
Nerd Josh

I’m pretty sure the best players from the EC are:

Chris G
EMP TwistedJago
PR Rog
and the last spot is a toss up between: Josh Wong, FlashMetroid, or MarlinPie.

The WC:
Justin Wong