Evo West: West Coast Championships (Registration LIVE!)

We are proud to announce that Evo West will be held in San Diego, CA during the San Diego Comic Con.

It will be located at the Omni hotel across the street (Which is sold out, you need to find your own hotel at the best possible price)

This event will rival Evo South as a all free event (But you will need a badge into the Comic Con to participate)

The schedule can be found here: http://www.evo2k.com/west/schedule

We look forward to seeing you there!


Due to the event being free, there will be a player cap of 128 entrants per tournament. For people that don’s show up in person, there spot will be given to people who show up at emergency registration on a first come, first serve basis.

DO NOT DELAY on signing up online to guarentee your spot for Evo West.

http://www.evo2k.com/west/register GO NOW!


damn why cant evo east get some free love :frowning:

wtf 0_0?!?!?!

are you SERIOUS!?!?!?! wow that’s big news for me since i live in san diego. but the site still says it’s in Los Angeles. oh ya, fyi as far as getting a hotel room during comic con i would say good luck because last year all hotels were booked solid. therefore, plan ahead or NOW.

^^^ SHIT

looks like motel 6 for me

:slight_smile: WOo… hoo.

haha i knew the guys from sdtekken would like this :3

bookmarked thread

when will sign ups be available?

Oh yea, let me be the first to say, PARKING will be a motherfucker… as long as you get there early you should be fine…

But early = before 8 AM…

Trust me, I’ve been going to SDCC the last 15 years and parking lots fill up QUICK… the price isn’t too bad, around 8-10$ and they just opened up a new parking structure last year, so make sure you CAR POOL and LEAVE EARLY!

sounds like fun.

Ok Wiz…so why didnt you say this before instead of me making my dumb thread about Evo west being at the same time as SDCC?!

Lol all gravy though…the best of both worlds…lets just hope that it doesnt end up like TX showdown :\


:rolleyes: QFT :rolleyes:

Nice to hear.

I guess this is both good and bad. I’m considering going but not so sure about the whole “find your own hotel” idea, especially since I have no idea what would be considered “walking distance.” Sometimes there is a hotel .1 miles away but it’s like, if you swim across a river and walk across the highway…

Can someone help with hotel listings please, thanks.

This is the worst possible thing that could possibly happen to Evo West, and I’m 99% convinced you guys did this just to spite me. =(

–Jay Snyder

hahahaha nice jay

im looking through orbitz and several other companies

ill post what i find later

For Norcal heads…

If you book now…

www.southwest.com has some good deals…

  • San Jose (SJC) to San Diego about $100 round trip


Mr. Wiz you are the shisnite!!! I’m going to evo on trolly!!! yeah!!!

Wiz dont want none in Tekken :sweat: