EVO World 2007 Money Matches Schedule!

This year Evo Worlds is going to be without a doubt the best and most hype Evo ever. With so much going on it is going to be hard to manage your time around all the money/grudge matches, special events, and the rest of the chaos.

So to keep this Evo from becoming a cluster fuck due to the overwhelming games that are going to be played (thanks in particularly to Justin Wong’s 2928412349729374216 money matches, lol) There needs to be some sort of schedule other than the official one created for your qualifying pools/finals.

Let’s get this shit organized so we can all try to enjoy as much matches as possible. Feel free to help. If you sleep on these, you’ll have to settle for the youtube versions and it just won’t be the same.


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM VF5
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM GG Yipes vs Wong & Hsien vs Pyro (3S) TIME UNCONFIRMED
3:00 PM - 7:00 PM CvS2 ***Justin Wong (RubyHeart/Jill/Ken) vs Dark Prince *CONFIRMED! 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM **
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM MvC2 Wigfall vs Dark Prince TIME UNCONFIRMED
11:00 PM - 1:00 AM SPECIAL EVENT#1 EC vs WC 5 on 5 MvC2 Rematch


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM SSBM MvC2 Team Tourney CONFIRMED! 12:00 Noon
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM 3S Alex Valle vs Justin Wong TIME UNCONFIRMED
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Yaris Power Shot Challenge Duc/Soo vs Smoothviper/Dark Prince TIME UNCONFIRMED
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM T5DR Infinite vs Team Florida TIME UNCONFIRMED
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM ST Reset vs Dark Prince TIME UNCONFIRMED
11:00 PM - 1:00 AM SPECIAL EVENT#2 Choi vs Wong



10:00 PM Evo Worlds Concludes OPEN


Yipes vs Wong
Wigfall vs Dark Prince
Valle vs Wong
Smoothviper vs Dark Prince
Reset vs Dark Prince
Duc/Soo vs DP/Smoothviper 2 on 2 (in the works)
MvC2 Low Tier Tourney
Infinite vs Team Florida
Wong (Low Tier) vs Dark Prince
Wong vs Duc
Team WC1 vs Team WC2
Hsien vs Pyro
Soo vs Yipes (MSP vs MSP)
Justin vs Amir (3S)
Soo vs Infinite (mirror match)
Marvel Team Tournament
Amir vs Hsien
MortDesArtistes vs JWong MM

As you can tell from the schedule, there are a lot of games to be covered over the course of the weekend. There are also 3S and CvS2 matches going on and I’ll list them here too if wanted.

Seems to me like most of these games are going to happen in the BYOC area or at the hotel rooms w/limited people able to attend due to space and some will probably occur pretty late (after special event) or pretty early (breakfast serving time early)

Submit suggestions, I’ll keep working on the schedule. Which is looking more like, “The Ultimate MvC2 Evo Worlds Schedule”, so far. lol


Edit: Fuck it, I’m going to kick this shit off. Just showing some initiative. Suggest changes if you want to. These matches WILL HAPPEN DAMMIT!

Edit: Championship Edition: PM’s not getting answered, everyone is probably practicing. Also not sure when everyone will be arriving on Friday/Saturday.

Edit: Turbo: Okay, we have 2 matches confirmed! So don’t miss these! Write the times down on your handouts.

Good idea. I hope the players can come here and organize it. It will probably be hard to follow the schedule perfectly, but a guide will be good enough to help all of them to happen and to help people in finding/taping them.

Rotendo, you’re missing Duc vs Justin Wong

And also Dark Prince said on the radio that he his “Better” 5v5 Team might play Team WC for their money and spot.

Good stuff to keep this organized.



schedule: be important enough to be able to attend the money matches and have friends that have phones to call you when something is going down. It’s the only pre-requisites for not missing any marvel money matches. Even so, it is inevitable that people will miss more than one. However, I find it very freshing when you miss a money match and find out the results. Like, “oh”.
It’s all about who you know.

please move wigfall vs dpc later, i don’t think i, along with many others, can hang with 9am friday morning.

thanks for trying to get this shit all scheduled!

These matches will take place in the BYOC area.

where is hsien vs pyro?


Edit: These games will also be played in the rooms, so long as they don’t conflict with current event matches and the players involved aren’t qualifying or playing in the pools at that time.

Can I get times from these players who are having these matches?

I think you should start PMing all this guys, sinc they’re not confirming anything. without your schedule, many matches may not even happen, especially considering Wong has already around 50 MMs going on.

this schedule is a good idea in theory but not practical…for example last year
Eriks mm’s spawned in the middle of the team tournament. and from that came Duc/Sanford.

The hypest shit pops off unexpected when it comes to marvel…anyone that was at Evo East knows it didnt get hype until Sanford went from wandering around the ball room to sitting right next to Bill…the rest is history.

and furthermore We all know Top Marvel players are mad late when it comes to them Having to be somewhere on time…

as far as Wongs matches are concerned…Im gonna booky all that shit. We gonna post up at one station mainly on fri and call names from the notebook on the megafone if needed. More then Likely The DPC match will be one of them…

So when you wanna do our MM?

Yeah, I know. I’m sure there are going to be some games that won’t go on due to the hight amount of game being played this year. Then you have to factor in, stations available at the BYOC, other side tourneys that might be going on besides the Marvel types, people playing in pools, or out eating/sleeping/gambling. I would say macking too, but we all know Marvel players kryptonite is hoes and you won’t see any talking to 'em unless they actually have lives outside the game. :rofl: Nah, just kidding.

So Friday for most of Wong’s games; even Valle vs Wong?

I personally don’t want to miss any of these matches (too much hype) and I won’t stand for youtube versions! I might have to bring 2 camcorders this year.

Yea as soon as we get to the byoc on fri the Justin Wong
foundation is open

as for Valle, Im not sure if thats been agreed upon but if the money right…it will happen.

I’d like my match with wong to be my first money match…


dope idea

The marvel 5on5 is a non-transferrable spot. If the WC team doesnt want to play, ill gladly cancel the event and provide a replacement. DPC talking on the radio doesnt mean anything if he hasnt gone through the proper channels.

that’s why you have alternates…


So I guess,that West Coast 5 on 5 just turns into a Money match or what?