EVO World: 3S Low-Tier Tourney

Here’s the Tier (debateable, I suppose):

1   Yun
2   Chun-Li
3   Ken
4   Makoto
5   Dudley
6   Yang
7   Akuma
8   Urien
9   Ryu
10 Oro
11 Ibuki
12 Elena
13 Necro
14 Alex
15 Remy
16 Q
17 Hugo
18 Twelve
19 Sean

Eliminate half, and we get:

1 Oro
2 Ibuki
3 Elena
4 Necro
5 Alex
6 Remy
7 Q
8 Hugo
9 Twelve
10 Sean

Three questions, now.

  1. Would anyone like to help me organize a Low-Tier 3S tournament in the casual room at EVO World?

  2. 19 / 2 = 9.5. Is Oro out or in? (opinions, please. Specifically, would a good Oro dominate this “bracket” or are the matchups pretty even here?)

  3. For Money or for Fun? I vote Both. (Would people pay $5 for this? With 70/20/10 anything less would be chump change.)

Fire away.

I like your avatar so I’ll bite.

Oro , Ibuki, Necro and Elena should definitely be gone. Oro can kill with one hit. Ibuki is hella fast and has insane priority . Necro can kill on about 2 hits, same with Elena. If you look at all the characters left, none are scary. Only Hugo has any sort of devastating attack(720), all of them take a hell of a lot of work to win with.

do it. 10 dollar entry fee.

Man im all over this

Neiman vs. Me in the Finals

Im gonna win Bet It:tup:


If you guys allow Ibuki I’ll make top 5 easy.

I can help out if you need it

ill join in with alex, maybe 12

Alright, this is sounding good. People would actually play.

Can I get a second opinion on the brokenness of these characters? Besides, even if they had a strategic advantage, the purpose of this tournament is just to slice the tier in half to get a new look at the game, even if it ends up as broken as the original game. However, I do think Oro should be cut to make the list more low-tier overall.

On a side note, expect me to play Sean.

I’d like to see Fubarduck and Ultimate Faust go at it with their Q’s…watch out…their low tier Q’s are serious business!!


oro and ibuki both have really good unblockables elena can stay but shes top
im interested

Tiers are pretty clear cut. There is an obvious low tier, so if you want a true low tier tourny, only the characters I listed should be allowed. There’s no way you can allow let’s say, Oro, and not allow Ryu , Urien and Akuma. They’re pretty much all right there as far as usefulness. The line is too blurry to cut there imo.

Oro no matter what has to be cut, he’s too fucking good. He only really sucks balls against Chun.


You know, with this list a Sean winning doesn’t seem so far off…

But now I wanna play Remy!

Id cut it at 6.

Okay. To keep this TRULY low-tier, here’s your character choices.


Second, I’m actually IN Vegas right now, so I’m heading down to the Green Valley Ranch later to see how big the casual room will be. I’ll try deciding on a place to hold it (hopefully a corner so it’s easy to find), and I’ll make some very simple signs to advertise as well.

Imagine a long 2x4 and a two pieces of white posterboard with “LOW-TIER 3S MONEY MATCHES” on it. Cheap and effective, no? I’ll buy bigger posterboards if the room is as huge as I think it is.

Third, depending on when the 3S at the event starts, the time for this will change. If 3S is the first or second event, then I will start this tourney AFTER 3S has concluded and not before… gotta watch the finals. Otherwise, expect me to start as soon as the casual room begins to fill… be there ASAP.

Lastly, PM me if you wish to enter, and include your handle or name if it is not your SRK username. I will add your name to a Notepad document which I will have on me. At the event, I will accept walk-ups up to the nearest denomination for even double elimination format and will assign the brackets randomly. Bring $10 as your entry, and I will personally keep all the money as safe as I can in my front pocket :smokin:; so feel free to blame me if anything happens to your money… The money will be divided in a 70/20/10 fashion to the first, second, and third place finishers respectively (there needs to be a 3rd place match in double elim, right?).

Did I miss anything? Suggestions will be generously accepted, as this will be the first time I’ve held a formal tournament.

Hope to see loads of ya.

I’ll enter with Dick Tracy Q, he’s just too gangsta.

I’d def. get into that, Alex or Q ftw.

You should keep necro in.

indeed what are you guys smoking that necro has magically gone up a tier

lol how is oro too good for that? just go from oro and down and make that the low tier all those chars are low tier

If I make it to Evo, I’ll be down for this. Look at my siggy, most of my cast is low or mid tier and Twelve, Hugo & Q are some of my favorites. This would be crazy fun. I’ll probably just stick to Twelve and Hugo for it… dood.

as jinrai will be the first to attest oro has always been midtier