Evo World Final semi-final bracket rules

Hm. I can’t seem to find Cole’s thread with a question on the subject. Anyway, here are the rules for how the World semi-final brackets will work. I hope this clears up whatever drama is starting…

Short Answer
All attendees of the World Finals in Las Vegas must lose exactly twice to be eliminated, regardless of how they got there. If you lose once, you’re still in it. If you lose twice, you’re out. Period.

Long Answer

  1. The 8 people from West and East who qualify move directly into the semi-final brackets. Losses from the West/East qualifiers do NOT carry over. You must lose twice at the World Finals to be eliminated.
  2. World Finals pools work just like East/West pools: the top 2 move into the semi-final brackets without resetting losses.
  3. This means the semi-final bracket will have 16 winners (8 from West, 8 from East, 8 from Worlds) and 8 losers (8 from Worlds). The top 4 seeds at East and West will receive byes in the semi-final rounds.

So if you are an East/West qualifier and you lose twice in a row at Worlds, you tie for 24th

Right on Ponder. Thanks for the clear up. Yeah I erased the thread cause i didnt wanna start any crazyness.

Thanks for clearing everything up tho. I hate rumors.


ps: Next subject - All games should be 1 game LOL (Randomize that shit cvs2 style!!!)

Thanks for clearing that up. I <3 you Ponder. :tup:

I would like to start the rumor that white-hot player Seth Killian will sweep all EVO finals and spend all the prize money on the world’s biggest hooker. Discuss.



EDIT: i just turned on winamp radio and [media=youtube]_TTWSUg7AEA[/media]

I wouldn’t spend all that money on Kim’s mom if I were you.

If you already qualify top 8 for something at a regional,

can you re-enter again at EVO World Finals to try to double your chances of making the TRUE top 8?

:looney: It would probably get you a lot of free money!

I’m kinda curious on Phil’s question also… Now that we know the top 8 seeding from both tournaments, and we know that Seth was top 8 at both East and West, what happens there? Can I go to Vegas and play through pools again to try and make another spot in the semi-final bracket, even though I’m already seeded from Evo East? Seems like the same situation to me… Just curious, not so much as I even want two spots more than I would just like to enter in Vegas for fun and not waste a day sitting around doing nothing because I’m already seeded for semi’s.

That’s a really good point, especially with the Seth situation. Can we double-enter at Finals? what happens if we re-qualify?

Also, what happens to the seeds of people who do not go to EVO Finals? For example, numerous people are now saying that Lincoln is not going to EVO Finals, but he has seeds for AE, MvC2 and he has a spot on one of the Guilty Gear teams. What happens to those seeds?

That would be pretty unfair if you were able to go into the pool play if you already had a spot in the semis. John Choi is in the Semis for the finals and according to the evo2k site he is listed as one of the people that registered for AE. I am curious as well to see what they will do about that.

Seth Killian has already double-qualified for AE at East and West, so if he is allowed to have his two spots, just to make it fair anybody who has already qualified should be allowed to re-enter at Finals as well. However, if he is forced to forfeit to somebody then I have no problems with being barred from AE at EVO Finals.

Just my guesses as to what the answers are:

-If you enter pools at vegas you forfiet your qualified spot(I could see being not allowed to play in pools and forced to use your spot being the case).
-If you have a qualified spot on east and west, you get to choose which one you take, the other becomes a bye.

(this was previously answered, so its right)
-If you qualified for guilty gear but a teammate isn’t going to vegas, you have to play with just two players on the team. If you get a third you have to play in pools. You also have to keep the same characters.

Why was seth allowed to enter EVO east after qualifying? Just curious. Sounds like a bracket nightmare waiting to happen. I can’t wait to hear “I’d have made it but seth took my spot!”

will CvS2 be best out of 3 rounds or 1 round and you lose???

This is exactly my point… I’m assuming he entered for fun, something to do that day besides just sit around and watch everyone else play, which is what I’d like to do in Vegas otherwise day 1 is going to be quite boring since AE is the only game I even play.

You can only enter the tournament once. If you’ve qualified at both East and West, you need to pick which seed you want. The other spot will turn into a bye. If you qualified at East or West and choose to enter the pools in Vegas, you must give up your spot in the semi’s. If you do this an lose in pools, you are out.

Anyone who qualified but cannot go to Finals gives up their spot. That spot is converted to a bye at the Evo World Finals. If a team member cannot attend Evo Worlds, that team must play short-handed. They may not replace that team member with someone else unless they choose to give up their seed and re-enter the pools.

BTW, we’ve changed the Evo Finals rules to only take the top 2 from every pool (instead of top 4) since that worked so well at Evo East. I’ve updated the first post on this thread with the new rules.

dude… there is going to be some crazy CRAZY bracket of death pools if only 16 people are going to qualify. i’m just glad i qualified at evo west. that means 8 pools correct? crazy…

Edit: This is just a suggestion but I think given from what I can tell about the qualifying rules, if anyone manages to make the top 32 they SHOULD be in the money. Considering at least 200 people enter for the major games (3S CvS2, MvC2, etc…) cramming that many people into 8 pools and then only having the top 2 from each qualify is a incredibly daunting task for anyone, Daigo or otherwise. Each pool is going to be like a mini tournament with really good players. Given that we have Toyota sponsership this year, I think the pot size should really be increased enough to get everyone in the top 32 money (and I’m not saying that just cause i qualified) kind of like a final table in a poker tournament. This is if I understand the rules correctly, if not, then nm.

So this is how semifinals will work?

Over in the winner’s bracket there will be 8 byes for the top 4 placers at Evo East and West (taking up a total of 16 slots) while the other 16 slots will be occupied by the bottom 4 placers at Evo East and West and the 8 players that win their pools in Vegas. Obviously the 8 slots in the loser’s bracket are occupied by the 8 players that came in 2nd in their pools. Did I get this right?

Oh and since there are only 24 players in the winner’s bracket (8 of which are getting byes) will these players be seeded by region? This seems doable given the size of the bracket.

I think Ed is right on with this suggestion. I know adding at least 2 more grand to the pot is hard to accept (especially with the TV mishap that happened at Evo East) and that a payout for the top 32 would unfairly reward the Evo West and East qualifiers that don’t even have to play on Friday. But perhaps a compromise is in order such as a payout for top 16?

In principle I’d agree with the Family Fun guys here. However, there just isn’t enough money in the scene right now to pay that many people, and we should be thankful top 8 get paid.

In the future, as we get more sponsorship money, I’m sure that’s the direction we’ll be headed though.

I think for this year at least, 8 is seen as the final table. I think as more people get playing and more sponsorship money comes in it would be great to expand it, even if the lower levels just end up breaking even or +$20 or find a casino (redrock) to sponsor 32 buffet coupons and we’re set. I’d fight for some free food, don’t know about you guys.