EVO World Finals Unofficial Slash Singles!

Since there won’t be an official EVO one, I’ve decided to make and run one myself! =).

Hosted by: Marn w/ Alex G. and Heidern98 making the brackets (So people don’t say anything about me riggin’… Even though I have never done so before… If I have, tell me when and get a nickel!)
What: Guilty Gear Slash Singles! Feat. hella Japs who want money!!@!
Where: EVO World Finals BYOC Lounge at the RedRock!
When: Friday, August 18th, 2006
Registration: 09:00AM
Brackets: 11:30AM
Tourney starts: 12:00PM
(This is during DOA4/Tekken/MvC2… Hopefully it’s the same as EVO East where the BYOC is in the same room as the tournament itself. Need an answer from Ponder though…)

How much? $10

P.S: Alex and I will not tolerate any bracket bitching! Bitch about it and get DQ’d! Thanks! Example: Someone bitched about brackets at Texas Showdown 6 and it resulted in it being delayed 3 hours! =… WE WILL HAVE NONE OF THAT! THIS SHIT WILL RUN ON TIME!!!

Any ideas? Post up!

100% random seeding. That way, there’s no way that anyone can say that it’s rigged. :smiley:


ill enter

Ill help with the seeding and running brackets…

Wow. I hope this won’t burn us all out for the team tournament. >_> I’d like to recommend it being on Saturday, mainly because there’s nothing Slash-related that day. If that ruins your plans Marn I’d understand. :slight_smile:

Anyone going to record this ish? It’ll be hot.

The thing is… a lot of the Japs will be playing Third Strike and all the other games on Saturday…

huh? do people in the tournament usually make the brackets? na, especially at majors the players themselves don’t make the brackets, but the tournament director. Get a 3rd party to make the brackets, but then again. I’m probably not gonna enter this anyway.

Chaotic Blue

lol at the disclaimer about rigging brackets…It actually says alot

see your drunk ass at the card tables / spearmint