Evo World: Green Valley Ranch


Hotel information available now.


I call dibs on the same corner as I had in 2005.

$150 is a great rate. depending on how long im staying I might get a suite though…

Thanx for the info wizard…

Sweet, better start saving.

24 hour fatburger for the 3peat in this batch

Reasons why GVR is nice:

*first and foremost - 5 minutes from Memphis. Fuck fast food - get that honey butter.

  • most of the casino floor has been renovated. Much nicer than it was 2 years ago.
  • new garage for easier parking
  • way closer to most of Las Vegas (barely in Henderson) than Red Rock is (Summerlin)

Red Rock is a nicer place as a hotel, but GVR seems better suited for Evo. But if you really care about that stuff, you’ll probably want to drive elsewhere during the weekend anyway. Otherwise, this is way better than having it at Red Rock imo.

i like gvr better just for the fact its a shorter drive from AZ. dont have to drive to the other side of vegas to get there,. instead, its right there as soon as we enter. YAY =)

You forgot to add:

  • Outdoor mall, shopping and a hellaofvua lot more food options.

For those who can’t drive to Memphis, Lucieel’s BBQ is just as good IMO. But that is outside in the out door mall, aka ‘The District’.

True_Tech under klt’s name

you forgot to really add 24 hour fatburger


-Tha Hindu

but you know one thing i will miss from the red rock is that sandwich/deli place… what was it called? crazy bull or something… but green valley is in jogging range to 24 hour fitness i did it the last time i was there great jog :slight_smile: its just down the street about 5 miles anyone want to jog with me this year is welcome to it.

There’s also an LVAC gym not too far either, also 24 hours. Probably same distance or closer. I jog indoors tho - the summer heat here is ridiculous.

not if you leave early thats what i did… yea i do remember it being warm after i jogged back to green valley not to mention its up hill going back :sweat: but gets you all hyped up…

ok closest chicken ranches to GVR?


i know someones gotta know

gona be saving some $ for this ish

shits gona cost like 450 just to room (not including a split price if 2 people stay there)
and prob like 200 for the round trip

shits like 1k to attend and actually eat and all that good stuff

<goes to bank>


Yeaaaaaahhhh GVR is the hype, and anyone 21+ come through to Whiskey Bar/Club with me. 20$ ‘walk it out’ battles.

is there an amenity fee at gvr like at red rock?

Well I booked four days over there from Thursday to monday morning and I will be def be using that spa and massage shit (as long as its a female who does that lattar)

:sad: bye Red Rock.