EVO World hotel discount question

Question for EVO staff, Joey in particular:

What days is the EVO World hotel discount good for?

I ask because being that EVO World is in Vegas, some people will undoubtedly want to make their trip into a vacation. If the hotel discount is only good Thursday-Sunday, this might be tough…nobody wants to pay $300+ for the same hotel room and get ripped off in order to stay an extra day.

I was planning on arriving Thursday and leaving Tuesday, staying an extra day after EVO to have some fun. But if it’s going to cost me $350 to do so, screw that.

Please let us know, thanks!

have you called the hotel and asked yet phil?

You can start to book as early as that Wednesday, and you have to be out by Tuesday (meaning you can stay monday night under the discount.)

really??? that is perfect, thats exactly what i was looking to do: arrive wednesday, leave on tuesday. nice work joey.

On the ball.