Evo world noob questions

Is there a registration fee to get into the gaming room?
I went to the main evo site but i didnt find this info…
How about rooming with some one? I dont know how am going to get there…but when i do i will prolly have like no money to pay for a room…so could i sleep on someone’s floor?

lol…I just had a messed up thought…It isnt up to me ill have to ask everyone else and ill get back to you

Not that I know of, and someone would probably let you, but not for free. They’d want you to cover your fraction. It would be small, as they’d probably have a bunch of other people with them.

if your not playing at a tournament i think is free, and don’t sleep men, go to casinos all night :looney: and MM noobs for free money

r u going to evo this year?

How about everyone else? c’mon why not help another 2d fighting gamer?