Evo World: Official CVS2 Money Match Thread

Post up your MM challenges here.

Ill be taking them too.

PS: BAS is also accepting Money Matches, if you dont want to play his a mode, he can choose N.
winner gets fatburger, money, or 151. haha

ok sorry for another thread, but i forgot the word CVS2. in the other title, since that ones already started… dont wanna take the bets out of that.
Edit: im kind of confused actually, im not sure if the mods changed the title on the other one to just plain MMs…but anyways, ill see what happens. Mods - delete this if to your convenience.

H&K is a dumbass.

hope he has enough cock strength to withstand my powerful thrusts.

i will win.

lol wow so many requests to play this CHUMP

haha. kobe bryant is so good at cvs2, no lie.

Go gene, GO!!! (bump)