EVO World SNK 2008 Results!

Dark Geese told me to post the following from Cyberfanatix:

"Latest results from a 5 hour day of NeoWave:

Top 3 for now:

KOF NeoWave (26 entrants from the U.K. to Morocco!)

**1st- Dark Geese: Denton, TX- Young Geese, Saisyu, Choi (SC/MAX2)- Never Lost (Beat HellSap in Winners Finals 3-2, Beat Guero in Grand Finals 3-2 to take the EVO World NeoWave 2k8 title!)

2nd- Guero: Los Angeles- Yuri, Choi, Takuma, Kim. (Entered late in Losers Bracket, Lost to Dark Geese 3-2 in Grand Finals)
3rd- HellSap: Oregon- Takuma, Terry, Mai (Lost to Dark Geese 3-2 in Winners Finals, Lost to Guero in Losers Finals 3-2)
4th- ziwa310: Morocco: King, Chris, Iori. (Lost to Dark Geese in Winners, Lost to Guero in Losers)

Mago didn’t even show up…grrr…but also some things that happened…



Dark Geese vs. #1 Geese Master:

DG wins 2-1

Dark Geese vs. Kindevu (Japan):

Kindevu wins 3-1.

Guero vs. Kindevu:

Kindevu wins 3-2.

More to come later…soooooooooooooooo much NeoWave…no one saw a 26 man tournament coming…

Results for the day:

KOFXI: (15 people) top 3:
**1st: Dark Geese: Kula-Gato-Duo Lon (L)
2nd- Alex P-Oswald-Duo Lon-Jenet (L)
3rd- Sythah- Gai, ??, ?

KOFXI was a dissapointment to me because the people we wanted didnt wakeup till 2 hours after the tournament had started. That means the Arcade Infinity Asians, Cali Mexicans and Kindevu…all were asleep when we started and when we finished. =(


KOF98UM (33 total)

**1st by default- R.J.- California: Arcade Infinity
2nd by way of forfeit: Tokido (Japan)- Never lost
3rd by way of DQ: Arturo Sanchez- Lost to Tokido in Winners Finals 3-2.
4th- Ryan Hart (U.K)
5th- Duc-California
5th- Dark Geese: Texas- EX Geese-Choi/EX King/Krauser
7th- Airthrow:Seattle
7th- Purifyweirdsoul

World Heroes Perfect top 3 (Didnt run it, Noc and Giby did):
**1st- Rashreflection
2nd- Keits
3rd- Dark Geese
4th- Nocturnal?

Garou MOTW:
**1st- Nocturnal
2nd- Giby
3rd- #1 Geese Master

That’s about it for now…The Cali Mexicans were beasting until Arturo beat Pepe in Winners Semis…got that via a camera and uploading it now…

A lot of the 98UM footage is either special request matches or getting recorded because its good…or is either Winners Finals, Losers Finals…

Grand Finals didnt happen due to DQs…Tokido beat Arturo in Winners Finals 3-2…then Arturo got Dqed because he didnt show up…the Cali Mexicans had to leave…and Tokido left to go to sleep…

Thus RJ is the default KOF98UM EVO World Champion…by beating Ryan Hart and no one else was there.

In the future…98UM Losers Bracket will be one match…it takes a long time to run 98UM…

Uploading some matches now of 98UM to whet your appetite…

-DG "

He said contact him at cyberfanatix for more info.

Yeye congrats to everyone who competed, and damn @ Noc at Garou that was pretty much expected.

More from DG:

"Also Alzaroth recorded my Tenka Exhibition with Tokido aka US vs. Japan Part II, he will upload it eventually…

Tokido won 3-0 but it was about 15x closer than the match last year…I feel like I’m closing in on him…I think Tenka if it wouldve happened the showdown between me and Tokido wouldve been great…I had Ten Iroha and Mina ready for him as backups…

In the Exhibition I just used Amakusa…

According to everyone that saw it it was VERY INTENSE…Much much closer than when we met last year.

Here’s a preview match for you all in 98UM:

The first EVO match I’m posting up right now from 98UM…

On blip.tv:

ChrisKOF vs. PandaChaos (Cali Mexican Battle royale!)… Winners Bracket…enjoy…uploading more now…


If it doesnt play let it load/buffer up until it does…

More coming!!

-DG "

characters i used for neowave are: king, chris, iori
ggs everybody.

Uh… Duc Do entered KOF but not Marvel?

nice job ziwa310!
Looks like your training sessions at home were not a complete waste :slight_smile:
t’hlla a chrif :)))))))))

so hopefully next year you guys will all settle on ONE game and then you can have tons of people joining and practicing for that alone and actually legitimize an attempt at featuring an snk game at evo.

please just pick one. if 12 isn’t out by then, i’d suggest UM.

Shame there was no Fatal Fury Special, it’d be pretty cool to tell my friends I won a tourney at evo (I would’ve.)

Nocturnal was there? Is that a female, or am I confusing Nocturnal with Persona…? What does nocturnal look like, wish I could’ve met him/her, well known in the SNK community.

Also DG you REALLY enjoy SNK games and get Hype, great meeting you.

Nocturnal is a guy, mostly plays Garou.
Next year it should be UM, NGBC, XI, and nothing else. (Unless we get a new SNK game by then)

5 hours of FREE neowave is disgraceful :frowning:

So much wasted time. Can we PLEASE start focusing on solid games that people want to pay to play now?

How many tvs did they have for the SNK games at EVO ? Its ussually 2 or 3.

We need to come to an agreement on what games need to be left behind, and which ones should be kept.

Cap limit should be 3 games.
And I’m pretty sure on which ones need to stay.

I doubt you would have won FFS. I haven’t seen you play it(unless I saw you play it this past weekend), but 3 of the FFS players that were there were monsters.

Noc is a very sexy lady.

Edit - There’s a very good chance that there will be no RB2 or WHP vids :frowning:

…you know that’s a negative if DG continues to run the show.

…and can rdmlurker be more obvious?

i would suggest KOF 98, KOF XI, and 2k2 even tho i was surprise to not see anybody interested in KOF 2k2 which is one of the outstanding games in the series.

Persona is Thai…

As for next year, I’d suggest 3 games max, in this priority order

KOF XII if out
SS: EOD if out
KOF XI if neither new game is out

Those are the only SNK games that have any national interest at all in the US.

WHP and Garou are going to be run where ever I show my face, but the fact that geese was willing to waste 5 hours on a free tournament is just sad after all the time we have spent talking to him about these kinds of things.

Ok I just talked with Guero ( Mexican KOF player from Cali ) on the cell and he gave some nice insights as to how the tournaments ran. All the Cali mexicans were really dissappointed at the low level of the players. Thats the reason why they didnt took seriously any of the tourneys.
In the Neowave tourney, DG won the 1st place coz he didnt make sure Guero understand the rules for the final. Guero thought that the winner had first to beat the other 6 times ( first to six ). Anyways who cares about neowave huh? … I guess DG does … but whatever …
KOF 98UM was held late and the Cali mexicans didnt have a room for that night so they had to leave early in the middle of the tourney back to LA. It was 10pm and Guero told me that the tourney still had to keep running for like 2 hours more … bad organization. They lost interest too because of the lack of good players.
And the XI tourney was just a joke.

So … if the tourneys failed, then WTF happened with the Money matches? If DG thought he was so good, why he didnt bet money to play against good KOF players such as these mexicans? What happened with the TRiad, peeps for the EC and their oh so mighty SNK level? With the overall hype??
Mago and RF not making it for this EVO really affected the outcome of the tourneys and the level of the games.

I know from experience that running SNK tourneys at the BYOC area are not well organized, so why the people dont focus in big MMs no less than $100 first to 5 or 10?
DG, the Triad, Cali KOF players, Japanese players, players from a foreign country … these are the people that brings attention and hype. Nobody cares if DG won the XI tourney playing with scrubs.
People like matches between the people I just mentioned … in a tourney OR OUTSIDE it ( MM, Casuals, anything where u can whos level of gameplay is better ).

But yeah … Mago ( and RF ) not coming really fucked up this year’s KOF EVO tourneys.

he’s going to overrun the show, since there’s very few people that will be assertive enough to take the bull by the horns and actually run tournaments independant of him.

*<3 WHP + Garou *

…if you guys want a big draw, KOF 98 UM and XII all the way, baby! KOF 98/UM was obviously popular, and if XII delivers, it will also be just as popular. no shame in having two great games, even if they’re stamped with the KOF label, right? As quite a few minds have suggested, running one or two big tournaments shows more promise than having 10 small ones…but in all honesty, there needs to be an assertive frontman willing to organize the tournament(s).

good luck on the growth for next year. best wishes.

with all do respect to DG,im gonna have to agree with some of the things that k4 said.it was very disorganized and there weren’t any good players.tokido was ok but i honestly expected more.its a shame RF and mago didn’t go.

ohh and just for the record that video u posted,its certainly me but thats not chris.

it was nice meeting you though(DG),hope next time everything runs better.