EVO World SNK 2008: US SNK Nationals August 8th and 9th, Las Vegas

Its here!! In attempt to get a jump on it and create as much as a buzz as possible for it I’m posting it early. Sure the list of games can change but due to based off what happened last year and the availability of more resources this year (I anticipate it with my family members coming etc)…

I announce the US SNK National Championship yet again!!! Last year had quite the highlights from Mago and me in NeoWave and NGBC to Tokido vs. me in SST, Ultimate Faust vs. Mago in NGBC, RealKim vs. Otome Yosuke in NeoWave, Guero vs. Mago Money Match in KOFXI, Nocturnal vs. Justin in Garou, Justin Wong vs. Current KOFXI National Champion Pepe, Trieu coming back from Losers to win against JeRon etc!!

Before I say official stuff etc, first thing first is that this is the last year there will only be one US National… in 2009 there will be two…

One at EVO World being the West Coast National and Bi-National, and one at Final Round XII being the East Coast National with the large SNK crowd in Atlanta.

Now the tentative list of games are as follows so I can start setting stuff up to make everything run:


  1. KOF NeoWave
  2. NGBC
  3. KOFXI
  4. KOF98UM


  1. Samurai Shodown Tenka
  2. Garou MOTW
  3. RB2
  4. WHP

Thus I am getting the jump on things now to make sure this happens to maximize the two days we have to get everything ran. As I learnt last year, no games happen on Sunday since that’s the Finals, thus we have to finish everything Friday and Saturday.

As far as Championship goes of course, The Highest Ranked American player is United States Champion in that game!!!

Also as far as Macros are concerned…some games like NeoWave, World Heroes Perfect, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, and others do not allow you to disable macros so for these games you can use them. C’mon guys by now you know how this works but this is clearly an exception.

Please people donate TVs and PS2s because the more stations we have set up the more we can run and I can add my own Mystery SNK tournament which could be something the likes of should we finish everything-

KOF2000, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, KOF2002, Samurai Showdown II, or others that could come to mind!!!

Stay tuned and start hyping it up and posting!!

-Dark Geese

Much props if you can pull this off will all the other games and shit going down.

I’m gonna bust my ass even harder to make all this happen this year…

Provided that I can be able to go, I’ll be more than happy to help you out as far as brackets and shit like that since my new laptop would be out of pawn by then.

Don’t count on me though.

You don’t know how badly I want to come just to play some offline SNK games.

I spoke to you on the phone…we’ll try to work things out.

Man I’m on a rampage now after missing FRXI… so trust me I understand… are you headed to MWC at all??? Also should CTF get a beta for KOFXII then I will be up that way!!

DG: good luck with this man! i suck at snk games, but maybe ill get my feet wet =)

Yo DG, You know I’ma hit up RB2 this time, knowing how to play so Stone doesn’t have to teach me. Also FFS is mineeeeeeeeeeee (Not really)

what were last years winners on those games anyways… ill probably enter a little bit later

Thanks dude!!! :tup: I’ll see you at the MWC no???

Good shit sign up!!

Last years winners/top three were as follows I believe:

EVO World SNK 2007-

Real Bout 2:
1st-Steve Harrison
2nd- Nocturnal
3rd- Rashreflection

Samurai Showdown Tenka:
1st: Tokido (JAP)
2nd: Dark Geese (USA)
3rd: I-No (JAP)

Breakers Revenge:
1st- TRIEU
2nd- JeRon
3rd- XTG?

KOF NeoWave:
1st- Mago (JAP)
2nd- Dark Geese
3rd- Stone

1st- Mago (JAP)
2nd- Kindevu (JAP)
3rd- Pepe (USA, California)

Garou MOTW:
1st- Justin Wong
2nd- Nocturnal
3rd- Master Giby

NGBC Money Matches:

SBO NGBC Qualifier Mago vs. Dark Geese:

Dark Geese wins 7-4.

SBO NGBC Qualifier Mago vs. Ultimate Faust:

Mago wins 3-2.

Now in regards to this years guys, anything you can donate be it TVs, NeoGeo systems with Tototec converters for KOF98, Modded Ps2s, games…recording equipment…

All that is needed and greatly appreciated!

I am going to try and get Kane9998 from Mexico as I say to come over for KOF and Garou…

Since 98 had problems at FRX maybe we should try having 98 setup on one of Dash no Chris cab setups. I dont know if he is going for sure but he has gone to the last two EVO’s. Also wasn’t Breakers Revenge setup on one of his cabs last year? I figure that way everyone has a better chance and it will be arcade perfect as well. Instead of having the neogeo setups with converters since one of mine died at last years which caused some slight problems with the players. If anything maybe have people vote how they want each game setup this time around to have things run smooth and quick. The rest of the games can be done on PS2 since most of the PS2 ports are close enough to arcade. If 2k2 goes down we can also have that setup on the cab as well. Just some ideas but I’m sure you were probably thinking the same thing.

This is a good idea also. I will use this idea and have people vote…since the only games where this is a problem is the following for now-

-Breakers Revenge

Yeah he brought his cab and as I told NeoPenny on the phone I am trying to get all this setup early so we can have our solution…

So I will check with the Vegas crew etc and see if we can just put 98’ on Arcade Cab and put Breakers Revenge on NeoGeo with converters or whatever depending on what people want to see.

Good ideas Noc!

You can count on the K-Force back with all its members back for the first time since 2003.

DG: You should talk Mr.Wizard about having the grand final for the top SNK games on the big screen.

Yo Lukas i wanna be in your help crew to run the tourneys…There is nothing, i repeat nothing that will stop me from going to evo this year!

Good shit man…I will try but I dont know if Wizard will let me…but I will certainly give it a try…look forward to K-Force livening things up!!

Good shit Eddy!! You on my list man…you can help me however you want man the shit is gonna be the BOMB trust me!!!


Please, oh please, oh fucking PLEASE don’t run a tournament for FFS.

PLEASE, I’m fucking begging you.

Why not?? It happened at FRXI no? :wonder:

Yes, and it took nearly 3 1/2 hours (I entered myself).

It’s not a bad game, but I don’t really think it’s a game you should honestly be pushing.

Personally I think you should omit Breakers and Neowave as well, and keep it to three games per day, which is alot better investment to work with.

3 games per day EVO World really only has 2 days for us to run with…thats the thing…

The last day for EVO World doesnt count…thats Finals day… Breakers and NeoWave got some pretty high counts last year…so they gotta stay…

So I can’t become the US Champion?