EVO World SNK 2009: KOFXI Singles start at 9:30 AM promptly!


First you may ask why am I doing this when I said I wasn’t?

This EVO easily has the potential to be the best one from an SNK standpoint yet (better than 2007).

While EVO has now lost the “US SNK Nationals” title due to my Raging Storm Major, it still is a good International SNK tournament, which is what it’s being billed as.

Here are the tournaments/schedules:

This is the FINAL Revised Schedule I have in place:


Now we are going to have TWO tv set aside just for casuals/money matches, team tournaments and exhibitions that we will be recording matches on all day long both days. I got quite a few money matches/exhibitions planned and a lot have been accepted:

Disclaimer to K4 and others: Planned means it may or may not happen, not guaranteed but I will bust my butt to make it happen. I’m coming up with a staff of dedicated people to help me run everything efficiently and not kill myself. If you all wanna help this materialize I HIGHLY suggest you help me out with all of this. Most of this stuff is for hype purposes guys, nothing more, nothing less

** Disclaimer #2- Yes before you whine, bioch or complain, regular Geese is legal in 2k2UM.**

*** Disclaimer #3- We need more PS2s and games to run all of this very swiftly so please please bring your systems and games I want nothing less than 5 tournament setups!!! ***

Confirmed staff present: (I will NOT overextend myself!)

  1. DG-Head Orchestrator
  2. Dash No Chris-Extra systems/setups
  3. Blk-Brotha-Team tournament/exhibition helper
  4. Sal-Says-Team tournament/exhibition helper
  5. Geese Pants-Team Tournament/exhibition helper
  6. THE ANSWER- Tournament Organizer

I need at least 3-4 more staff members, this time I have a megaphone so don’t worry about getting people (I’ll probably buy a larger megaphone!) Also we got the recording all worked out how we are gonna record matches this time and make sure we can upload them to youtube.



if you need more staff count me in


I am probably going to enter Garou, 98UM and 2k2remix, and actually practice my SNK this time unlike last year…


go julian w00t


Haha, thanks. Last year I got 7th in 98UM without ever having played it, I just pretended it was regular 98 and doing gross stuff. :rofl:


just so i don’t make a thread about this, and it’s in relation to the topic: do any of you know any sites that list fighting game tournaments? I’ve heard Texas mentioned on this site several times. I’m wondering if anything goes on with 3rd Strike besides Evo.


Sign me up for XI and NGBC 2v2 (Need a partner).


We should play some KOF when you get here :slight_smile:


Good I am gonna need it.

Airthrow- Got you signed up.

Judge- Got you signed up.


well i’m down for all KOF battle’s put me on.




fa sho dat. hey we might play XII during that time :stuck_out_tongue: hell yas!!


If you still need help with running the tourney…let me know.
I’m still in the side of either going for XI or 98UM.


My eternal rival and I will be hustlin’ strugglin’ and bustlin’ to get to evo and we promise, we will be there. and D. Geese? if ya need any staff or commentary providers me, my eternal rival, or someone else can provide that work for ya cuzen.

I wonder if 4neqs is coming thru…


I’m down with 98 UM. Sign me up please.


This site lists fighting game tournaments in the tournaments and events section. Do you want more?

I can’t comment on that at the moment.

Oh I’m letting you know now, if you all want all that stuff I got listed up top to happen I am going to need your help. So then can I put you on as staff?

I will need the help, so I’ll put you on staff for sure…




:frowning: im sad i dont know shit about kof. cant wait for 12.


well all right we gon make it cUDDY:cool: and that’s fa sho idc if i have to pimp some hookers to run me my $$$'s.


w00t i got dat 98um 2day, so sign me up


ha waiting on the US ver. of 2k2 UM!!!