EVO World SNK 2009 Live Results: Best show of American/Mexican talent ever!


**EVO World SNK 2009 Live Results: Best showing of American/Mexican Talent EVA! (This year is better than 2007!) **

EVO this year is spectacular and thing is there’s no Japanese. The American talent we have plus the guy from Mexico City are enough to make this year spectacular!

Let start with the East Coast #1 98UM player Chris Hu who said he could go random select and win against us, vs. Arcade Infinity’s #1 98UM player Mr. KOF:

Mr. KOF wins easily 5-2.


Friday Results:

KOFXI Singles (26 total)

1st: Mr. KOF (AI): Duck King, Kyo, Gato (L) (Beat Dark Geese in Winner Finals, Dark Geese put him into Losers in Grand Finals, came back to win Grand Finals 3-1).
2nd: Dark Geese (Cd. Juarez, Mexico/USA): Kula-Gato-Duo Lon (L) (Lost to Mr. KOF, Mr. KOF)
3rd: Lord BBH: Ralf-?-?
4th: Pepe
5th: RJ (AI)
5th: YYSU (Mexico City, Mexico): Tizoc,Gato, Malin (L)
7th: Guero- KGO
9th: #1GeeseMaster

(More results coming soon!)

KOFXI Singles were off the chain!!! Most everyone was good and knew what they were doing. So much skill in one tournament! Grand Finals was hype as hell as I put Mr. KOF into Losers Bracket and we had to go from there. He’s a very solid as hell player, even in KOFXI! I’d love to see him play against Rodo or Kane9999 in KOFXI, he’s a very solid KOF player period.

And the guy is just godlike in 98UM, I’d take him over nearly any player the Japanese send in 98UM! We Americans and Mexicans made a DAMN good showing at EVO World this year, and thats what I have wanted all along! Also the guy from Mexico City is tied for the #1 best KOFXI player in Mexico City and he’s DAMN GOOD! Like I say too much talent in KOFXI, 2v2 is really up for grabs!!!

KOF 98UM 2v2:
1st- Eddie-Mr. KOF
2nd-Ziwa310-YYSU (Mexico City, Mexico)
3rd-The Answer-Dark Geese

More coming soon, I will make a placeholder video thread.



good shit DG.


Thanks, we ain’t done yet, we still got quite a bit left!!! :tup:


Cool keep those updates coming sir!


Great stuff, wish I could be there!


Good shit, Jon.


let me know if yall doing any realbout matches


DG make sure u update karnov =[


Todays update:

98UM Singles:
1st: Mr. KOF-Geese, Takuma, Krauser, ? (Never Lost)
2nd: YYSU (D.F.,MEX)- EX Robert, Krauser, EX Yamazaki
3rd: Ziwa310 (MOR): Iori, O. Yash, ?
4th- Reynald-Krauser,??,??
5th- Eddie-Geese,?
5th- Dark Geese- Eiji-EX Geese-Krauser, Kim

RBS 2v2:
1st- Team RBS International: Dark Geese +Ryan Hart (Never Lost)
2nd: Tru AJ-The Judge
3rd: Bertello-Emperor Paine

RB2 Singles:
1st: Josh-The-Funk-Doc: Sokaku (Never Lost)
2nd: Humbag
3rd: Tru AJ

KOFXI 2v2:
1st: TEAM MEXICO!!! (YYSU + Dark Geese repping Mexico City and Ciudad Juarez, never lost)
2nd: Team CaliMexican Version 1( ChrisKOF+Guero, they beat RJ+Mr. KOF, lost to TEAM MEXICO!!!)
3rd: The Judge+Tone (Lost to TEAM MEXICO!!)

You say where is Mr. KOFs team in KOFXI 2v2? The CaliMexican team barely survived to beat both RJ and Mr. KOF in the first round, eliminating them from the KOFXI 2v2! :wow: It was SUPER CLOSE, couldve gone either way!!! Wait till you all see what happens during RJ’s match in regards to Judgment hahaha…wtf was that about RJ??? :wtf: :looney: :confused: :wonder: :sweat:

Good shit to everyone, vids are coming as we speak!



Any 2k2um or Garou?


Neither of both, we got kicked out of the ballroom at like 9:00 PM!! :sad: :sweat:

There was some guy from Minnesota with a ponytail that was beasting everyone in Garou MOTW right before I ran the tournament (before we got kicked out) that was there SPECIFICALLY TO PLAY NOCTURNAL AND GIBY.

I hated to tell him you both weren’t there. :sad: :sad: Like no one beat him on the Garou MOTW Arcade cab.


DigitalGypsy aka Mike MedicineHorse


Yeah thats him. I hope he comes to EVO World next year, and even Raging Storm, I am sure Nocturnal and Giby would be more than happy to play him. I would say if there was a Garou MOTW tournament @ EVO, he would’ve won.


put up those rb vids


In due time, you gotta wait, I’ve got more than my fair share of vids to upload… :looney:


Delly was telling me about him raping people. he was there last year in the tourney and would have taken top 3 for sure, but he wasn’t there and I had to dq him :frowning:

The same happened last year, no one could hang with him, just me and Noc. I was hoping to play him again this year :frowning:


If I goto evo next year me and drn will take on anyone in rbs 2 vs 2 teams.


I wish you all would go…:sad: :sad:


Good stuff to Jon for taking the KoF spots and everyone else for supporting the SNK games as well. Next year for sure I’m going again and it should be a whole lot better. Especially with KoFXII having a console release by that time. If anything I’ll be doing the EL Paso tournament, so I’ll see you guys there.


Good stuff, BBH! :rock: