Evo World Special Event #2 East Coast vs West Coast 5on5 MvC2 Rematch

This is the long anticipated rematch from 2003.

The teams have been finalized.

25 Game Round Robin.

Team EC

Justin Wong
Sanford Kelly
Demon Hyo
Smooth Viper

Alternate - Infinite

Team WC

Duc Do
Chris Schmidt

Alternate - Rowtron
Alternate - Potter

You can sub in the alt for another member of your team. This decision has to be made by Friday August 24, 2007 before 12pm pst.

Get Hype!

Sick shit!

Free Money!!!

Evo is going to be fucking crazy this year.


If east has Justin, Sanford and Yipes on the team this is one big waste of RAPE.

$100 on team EC. i’ll take the first WC bets b/c this is free money for me. Thanks.

100…psh no time for baby bets

I like EC for 500$

Here’s who I think should be on the teams:

East: Jwong, sanford, yipes, demon hyo, infinite

West: Chris Schmit, Duc, Soo, Chunksta, Dark Prince,

infinite…not really…


WC team is good, although EC should have Smooth instead of infinite.

EDIT: Cosigned ^

Yessir. If that’s the team lets get these bets started.

As team captain

The team is

Justin Wong, Sanford Kelly, Mike Yipes, Erik Arroyo, and Brandon Deshields


Our captin has spoken. I wonder what the format will be when we play…:wonder:

$200 on team EC BET!

If it’s single game, one team only, shouldn’t matter much but whoever picks team WC should consider past matchups/outcomes wc players have had with that particular ec team when deciding who should be on team wc, and not just play favorites or who they think should be on the team based on tourney results.

chris im tellin you you need to put at least anton and gilbert on that team…

Wc: Potter, Chris Schmidt, Chunksta, Duc and Jmar

desmond should be in team Ec

If Seattle goes, it’d probably be Soo, Chunk, Chris S., JMar, and Row.

remember, somebody will be paying me $100 before all other bets!

…damn i should have wagered more :frowning: