EVO Worlds Garou MOTW East vs. West vs. South 2007-Who's the best?

I am proud to announce the adoption of the EVO Worlds East (Arturo, D’Nyce, Justin Wong, JeRon) vs. West (Magician, Master Giby, Nocturnal) Garou MOTW Money Match War at EVO Worlds.

The West has accepted and here are the conditions forming thus far-

-Garou can be on PS2, or MVS, maybe even XBOX
-Wager is $50 a head or $150 a team
-Everyone plays each other First to Five
-Matches will be recorded by myself!!
-Each match is 3 out of 5
-Arcade TOP settings only
-First team to get 15 wins wins!! Or if the team gets 10 wins as a whole that team wins…but all matches will still be played out!!!
-It is limited to a 3 man team to represent your Coast…
-90 second rounds

The West Coast is represented by-
-Master Giby

**East Coast I need your top three Garou nominations!!!

Lets get together, have a blast and KICK SOME ASS!!! :rock:

-Dark Geese

I require vids. Thank you.

Oh don’t worry vids are coming…I’m filming this shit myself!!


What about midwest…:frowning:

ill probably be at world…

Man, too bad I haven’t played in years…

Time to dust the cobwebs off the controllers. Suth’n Cali Garou is up to the challenge.

Magician and Noc will provide 2 whole XB setups.
Each set up consisting of:

  • 1 XB console with Garou,
  • 2 controllers,
  • 2 PS adapters.

Please note it is still ultimately the player’s responsibility to provide any other equipment that they may deem necessary for themselves such as sticks, other controllers or adapters, etc. No complaints!

Side “matches” can be made as long as both parties agree to the conditions of the match.

Post Up!!!

Keep Play’n. Peace

omg this is tempting

Ill defenately play if im at world.

Airthrow & I COULD round out the 5 man squad IF WE’RE GOOD ENOUGH!!! if we get in, this would be a “truer” WC Garou Squad for EVO World

I hate the concept of these east vs west tournys…they just shit on the rest of the county :stuck_out_tongue:

Well Humbag we had a North vs. South in NGBC so you know shit happens…lol.

This will go down…I will make sure it goes down!!

We can also set up a Midwest vs. whoever also…and keep in mind Humbag you ca play all these people in the Garou US Nationals at EVO Worlds…

-Dark Geese

EvsW is SUPPOSED to go down, but we’ll 1st have to see if the east shows up. In the mean time, I know Suth’n Cali is down to take on multiple formats. If we start hear’n enough people request team battles, I’m sure we can make that happen. And of course the possibilities are almost limitless w/ (side) “matches.” So 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or even King of the Mountain is all doable. Just put it out there. If yalls show enough support, I’ll make sure to do my best to reward yalls with incentives like sweet’n’n the pot, but yalls gotta do your part and support the scene by rep’n in Garou no matter what the format. Since yalls can pretty much choose how much you want to wager and how, therez almost no excuse left for you not to rep.

Keep Play’n. Peace

Well I figure the East is gonna be there for other games anyways so it’ll be worth grabbing them up from their games…to make this event happen and get it all on film!!

Unfortunately, me and the crew have seen what happens when there is no commitment put in by players to join. We were around (a couple years back) and so were some EC players of interest, but it never took off. Noc was even around one year when there was supposed to at least be some sort of national for Garou, but that UTTERLY fell through the cracks. Hopefully the same kind of thing doesn’t happen here.

The SNK Community really needs support and Garou makes for a pretty good poster child in showing this need. I really do hope players from other parts of the US step up if they want to see some SNK goodness go down. With that said, have some fun, take a chance, put a little $ on the line, and above all else do your part to support the Community!

Keep Play’n. Peace

Man I will do whatever it takes to make this happen…they requested it so now they must follow through…I will do my part to make sure this happens make no mistake about it!!!

-Dark Geese

if you remember you guys challenged to play me in 2k4 but i didnt make it out to evo that year. K4 challenged me for money in SVC also and I couldnt make it out.

i dont mind committing, but I need to talk to Jeron, Justin, DNyce to see whats good first. Right now I’m in texas so I’m pretty occupied with another game atm. ill post when i get some free time

Arturo good luckwith Arcana man…I know thats what you are 3 hours away from me for!!!


Arturo - No prob my friend. I am not blame’n anyone on anything. I’m just state’n what I saw happen to some of us before. We put out the challenge, but for one reason or another noth’n went down, at least in terms of team/$ matches. Not a big deal, since we were the ones issue?n the challenge last time. But this time it?s the opposite? we?re the ones being called out? and we?ve answered. We?re still down to rep, we just want to see that same commitment before make?n a trip to Evo.

And though there have been some Garou tourneys that went down, from what I’ve seen they hardly muster 20 participants if even that. (Keep in mind that included people from my crew that was like 5 deep.) I would like to see it break the 30 mark, but I think thatz be?n really optimistic.

For some of us in the Garou scene Evo is cool to go to, but we would not go if there is no commitment by other players to go and compete. I mean, it’d be a lot like going to Evo to play 3S and realize that when you got there the only players for the competition were your own peeps. I don’t think any of us wants to see this kind of thing happen. So hopefully we see some players rise to the challenge soon.

Btw, I don’t really have an association to any particular crew (esp not K-Force… no offense to those guys, I just don’t want to be associated with them since I’m not really into KOF and I don’t attend any of their meets). When I say crew, I mean the people who hit up the GAROU Casuals with me the most (like Noc and Gib). I think KOF is cool, but I’m all about Garou. Good luck in whatever tourneys you decide to enter.

Keep Play’n. Peace

I favor EC in this part… looks around Good.

Mizuki love the av…I’d do her…seriously lol.

I bet the West will be ready…

And funny thing is I got some South members interested in joining in this…