Evo Worlds: Official Money Match Thread [Japanese Included]

Post up your MM challenges here.

Ill be taking them too.

PS: BAS is also accepting Money Matches, if you dont want to play his a mode, he can choose N.
winner gets fatburger, money, or 151. haha

My Terms for MM
Money must be shown before the match and set into sight during play. This way, the loser must actually pay up if he does lose instead of some lame excuse like they forgot their wallet. If you can not do this, then i refuse to MM you until you have the money. thanks

i challenge you to a penis fight.

i also challenge bas to a penis fight.

I challange orochizoolander to SF2 AE since he’s so good at the game. I choose WW Ryu, and you can choose any Sagat you want.

First to 5 for 10 dollars.

Don’t worry. I’ll find you.

Oh, I’ll also MM you in ST, ps2 CCC if we can find one, I currently don’t have the game at the moment. Only char that is banned is of course Akuma.
That can also go first to 5 for 10.

EDIT Deathscythe is supplying the ST and AE.

ill play any hugo mirror match for whatever. lets get it poppin

I’ll play anyone for money in ST.

So will Gian:

Also, I like Gian over everyone, so get at me if you wanna side-bet against him.

fprget ST. lets get some marvel, NKI/Gian vs FMJ

woops, i forgot CVS2 in the title. keep making the bets.

LB - you’re on, you faggot.

Hell yeah that should be fun and since u so confidant by picking ww ryu i assume u pretty good.

BTW i’ma bring my 360 cuz i’m used to the 360 controller so we’ll play on that too.

edit: how the hell does anyone play on ps2 controllers? it’s impossible i can’t even consistently pull of dp’s on it.

So I assume your accepting AE, are you also accepting ST?
My character is undecided for ST.
Both is being run on PS2, it’s standard.

p.s. Please know how to pick your character in ST. I don’t want a repeat of what I heard happened at the recent EC tourney.

yeah i accept n lol yeah i’l get that down b4 worlds…i hope.

Ill take arm wrestling mms…lol.

orochizoolander - You wanna play ST, 3/5 for $40? Arcade ST if they have it; if not, PS2 CCC2. ST only…I don’t like AE. No Akuma, of course. (Do we even have to specify that?)

Zoolander: ft10 for $100 in ST. Bet it.

NKI: 3/5 for $20. I never really got to play you at East and I’ve always wanted to play you in ST. So, how about it?

3/5 for $20 and the title of F.Net ST champion. Bet it?

Do it! :tup:

That is a marvellous title to fight for. I will do it. For all the fallen heroes:

Heero Yuy
cka(who killed FN for us lol)

And all of those other names I completely forgot over the years.

@NKI: Good shit.

I noticed that most of the money matches in this thread are for ST. lol

[quote=“NKI, post:16, topic:26840”]



I’ll take money matches vs. all challengers is Marvel Super Heroes…


Ok I take all challenges up to 50 dollars against the shinobi in 3rd Shizzle. Name the price/matches.

ill play u for 50 if ur down in 3s. first to 5?

3/5, loser buys drinks. DO IT!!