EVO XvSF 3-on-3 Tournament

1st. Team SoCal:
Peter Rosas “Combofiend” (Mag,Cyke, Sim, Bison)
Victor Ratliff “Dogface” (Cammy, Wolv, Ryu)
Geoff Arnold “Lukesballs” (Mag, Cyke, Ryu)

2nd. Team East Coast:
Robin “Nibor” (Rogue, Chun, Storm)
Eddie Lee (Chun, Gambit) / Ed the Head (Wolv, Chun)
Justin Wong (Cyke, Chun)

3rd. Team Randumb
Danny “Megaman DS” (Mag, Cyke, Chun)
Carl (Sabretooth, Cammy)
Pat “Umthrfkr” (Rogue, Cyke)

4th. Team Vegas
Alan (Sim, Chun)
Lamont (Jugg/Jugg)
Josh (Mag, Chun) / Danny Leong (Cyke, Chun)

Many good players were in attendance, that we wrangled them all together to have an intimate team turney. Only 4 teams total so it went pretty fast. Was single elim, winner stays format until the finals.

Umthrfkr asking JWong if he wants to play without infinites. Justin says, “Oh, I play infinites.” JWong kills Umthrfkr’s Rogue with Cyke infinite so Umthrkr comes back and kills both of JWong’s chars with Cyke infinite.

Eddie Lee abandoning his team to win poker money upstairs. The pot was only 12 bucks.

Carl beasting through players with his Sabretooth.

Team AZ made Combofiend their starter for the finals vs East Coast. Peter goes infinite bananas with Mag and Cyke infinites and goes 3-0.

The game was rather pleasant until infinites unveiled their ugly head. After that, we all just felt sad. Unfortunately, notorious player David lee was unable to participate, along with Chicago titan Rashaad.

GGs to everyone. We’ll try and get some vids up soon.


during all this shit where was this so called best player at xvsf “spiderdan”. i wanted his ass so f’n bad. talkin shit and not backin it up.

next time we should draw for teams. i was in the process of making up a team when i got thrown on some randumb team. o well. maybe next time.

good shit dogface and alan all weekend. and if it aint my rogue then it aint rogue.



Man, you’re fuckin’ cool as shit. I’m so glad we had a chance to meet and play. Yeah, if we do this again next year, I’ll definately give more time for peeps to make teams. A little frazzled y’know.

By the way, I think you need to change your sig to “Me Vs You in Poker at EVO = You getting owned for free.” Too good.

Still amazes me that your from the VA. Crazy.


Wow, lots of Cyke and Chun, but no Storm?

hella fun tourney, glad we got some xvsf action going. Combofiend was mad funny owning up everyone with magneto infinites. Good shit to Victor for arranging this. Probably 75% of the matches were really fun and the other 25% were a little ghetto, but still cool to watch…

…o yea and rogue sucks lol but i love her.

Yo, dogface, clean your PM box man.

I got something to talk with ya. :slight_smile:

did anybody rom infinite with mag on XvSF?


Hey amigo, how ya been? Yeah, just cleaned out some PMs so hit me up:)


Um, I don’t know that much about Magneto. You mean the four hit infinite that looks straight out of MvC2? David Lee does that shit consistently but he only played casual and couldn’t get down in the turney.

Combofiend stuck with the Roundhouse XX Hypergrav combo or the launch in corner repeated shorts then relaunch combo.


Fun tourny to watch…wish I coulda played :frowning:

P.S. Mag infinite is tite!!!
P.P.S Cammy and wolverine are too short…:bluu:

I totally forgot who the guy was that asked me about it…(I’m the Storm/Chun scrub from Chicago), but i was totally like, busy with my pool for Soul Calibur 2, it ended around 8:30 and everyone i was with including myself were all tired so we went back to the hotel room. I would like to have watched it, tho, grats to the winnars.

Working two jobs, one of which he hasn’t been able to take a single day of vacation from or call in sick to for over a year (which is why he didn’t attend evo2k3 either).

dont even worry about it man. our paths will cross someday. maybe next year.

and nibor, rogue doesnt suck.

vic, i didnt think you saw me playin poker. and post as many vids of xvsf footage up as you can.

:frowning: can you call in sick now for evo2k5?

mag rom infinite on xmen is fun :slight_smile:

i didnt wanna play storm cause shes cheap.

ps. i lost all my matches :frowning:

For one of my jobs, I cannot call in sick, nor take vacation. (it is a family business and there is no one to replace me) Hopefully I won’t be working there when evo2k rolls around.

you was on my team right. your were the first guy. i didnt see any of your matches but what the hell happened. you should have picked storm if thats what you needed. i lost a dollar on that shit. i wanted that shit back.

and to spiderdan, its sucks not being able to play “the best xvsf player”. i heard that same shit about and justin and david lee. all i can say is whatever. im not gonna talk shit like i was last year but i can say i proved my self well. and if any thinks i suck cause im an unheard of person then bet that shit. no one knew of me last year when i posted in the xvsf at evo thread last year well know you know. i will accept bets now for next evo. i will give some props to people though. josh wong, vic, azn dude from vegas. good matches guys.

all my vids… sorry i didnt get more

[david lee vs vic (casual)](http://home.coqui.net/evilaro/evo2k4/david lee vs vic (casual).wmv)

it says casual, but this was from team tourney

[Carl vs Justin Wong (team tourney)](http://home.coqui.net/evilaro/evo2k4/Carl vs Justin Wong (tourney).wmv)

[Umthrkr vs Justin wong (tourney)](http://home.coqui.net/evilaro/evo2k4/Umthrkr vs Justin Wong (tourney).wmv)

Fuck man. I knew i shouldve went

Danny, that’s dope you got some vids! Y’know, I don’t think I ever played Justin Wong. Maybe it’s me vs Eddie Lee? I dunno, my DL speed is so bad I can’t view it. One of those is Umthrfkr vs JWong if I’m not mistaken.

And David Lee can’t be a Team Turney vid since he didn’t get a chance to play. Who knows!?

Sooooo Danny, you been going to FF at all? I might pop up once Capcom Fighting Jam arrives.


blah, i saw cammy and assumed its u. someone is playin sabertooth cammy vs jwong.

and david lee i didnt put in the team tourney, i put casual play.

ill be at ff tonite (friday)