Evo yun vs fei edition

so far ive only seen yun/fei/saggot/makoto/cviper.

most of the matches are yuns and fei’s, its so boring.

how can anyone like AE?

N yet u kept watching it

I’ve been following the EVO stream most of the day. Its been about 50-60% Yun or Fei as one of the chars.

Other than Yun/Fei its been dominated by Akuma, Sagat, and Viper but there has been TWO Onis, 1 Guy, 1 Juri (Juicebox is still up), 2 Zangiefs, 2 Makotos, and 2 Seths, also 1 Sim, 1 Rufus, 1 Abel.

Overall its been fairly mixed outside of Fei/Yun. But those two def are becoming over the top in terms of appearances.

yea cuss im surfing the net, other wise i wouldn’t bother…

if i even had a single game to play right now i would not be watching fei vs yun.

If you cannot even appreciate how incredibly well these players play, then yeah, I guess they can be boring.
It’s all teh characters, players?

I believe in Juice Box.

lol justin wong just looked like a bitch because of the S tier fei vs his rufus.

Ehh, to each their own broham. Some people don’t mind seeing more of the same good characters for extended periods of time. I mean, you see alot of Sagat v Sagat in Vanilla, so when you think about it, seeing two of three good characters in AE should be a breath of fresh air.

Plus yeah, Juicebox is awesome. And my new hero DR Ray.

Embellish much? I have seen quite a diverse collection of players. Stop over exaggerating.

lol at diago’s yun vs tokido’s akuma…

Daigo is a monster.

I’m still enjoying the stream myself. Lots of amazing players with great work between em. On the same note I do get tired of Fei and Yun but even between just those 2 chars there is very dif playstyles and some interesting upsets. The matches have been pretty amazing lately tons of em ending with both players on match point.

When Daigo vs POONGKO happens
not only will SRK crash but the internet will fall with it

The internet? I don’t know if this plane of existence can sustain that kind of power.

won’t happen, diago has to face fei, it is written in the book of AE

Daigo Vs Poongko N
Latif Vs Fuudo
i thought that’s what was going to happen

Lol yeah it sucks to watch as an akuma main. Yun really blows up pretty much all the shotos. Only a select few characters can give him a hard time.

Top 8 set:

Daigo - Yun

Poongko- Seth

Latif - Viper

Fuudo - Fei

Kindevu- Yun

Flash Metroid- Zangief/Viper

Wolfkrone - Viper

Tokido - Akuma

VIPER is the most represented character in the top 8. Wonder how long until the scrub tears start flowing for nerfs.

You did notice the Valle/Daigo match, right?

Eh, I actually think Oni might be the best shoto to take on Yun cause of his crazy damage and normals. The valle match was good but Daigo actually fucked up quite a few times and still managed to win.