Any simmers going?

I’ll be there, of course no one knows me :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Pool J yo.

Iyo is supposed to be there, god I hope he wins.

Haven’t heard anything about Iyo joining?! Source? If so, it would be awesome!

Never heard Iyo would be coming to Evo O_O

Well since I live 20 Mins away from Caesar’s, I kinda have to go LoL. Truthfully I really want to see money matches go down in hotel rooms.

I am in pool J as well, get ready to see new things from sim.

I want to know all about it!

whoeveer is going, i hope every sim there luck! Ill be attending as well! I would really make my day if a sim made top 8

hopesssss >.<

I’m in pool F. Along w Sabin and F Champ!

Good luck Evo Sims :smiley:

Lucky D representing on the EVO stream!!! :smiley: Against a Viper no less. Keep it up Lucky!

Also - who is Sannsann? His Sim was VERY nice! Sucks that he got sucked into Elf’s mixups :frowning: His game 1 was extremely dominant. Very well played.

Missed IAU2 but whatev. So solid.

Yeah, Jason Cole was looking like one of the best Sim’s there. I hope he made into the top 32.

i dunno what the heck happened… I am seeing a a bunch of sim players over the past few days at evo… been a blast so far!

Daigo / Arturo rematch

Was intense. So close. Sidenote: I want that new Hori flight deck stick he uses. GD it’s the shzz.

damnnit I left right before they played (I was too damn hot in that room lol) Was great to see some good games in there though… Everyone I talked to was extremely cool.