How did the NW do at Evo?

No one made it out of pools. A lot of people did well in them, a majority of people placed between 3rd and 16th in their pools.

KK = King Kriangkrai

I went 3-2:

Beat a Chun/Seth player
Beat a Balrog
Beat a Blanka
Lost to a Balrog (CJ the ShowStopper?)
Lost to an Adon (GamerBee)

I’m pretty happy with how I did, I think I definitely would have gone further if I hadn’t run into GamerBee my first round of Loser’s.

what character did you use against GamerBee?

Used Fuerte the entire time. My match with GamerBee was actually pretty close, I almost had him. :\

I got al the way to winners semis in my pool. Then I lost to Yipes and Crizzle’s Viper. So I went 5-2 over all.

Im just happy i beat ViktheSlik, LuckyD, and KDZ on stage.

I as well got to Winners semis and then fought my way to losers semis. I went 6-2 losing narrowly to Ricky Ortiz and getting bodied by Joon.

I’m just happy I went 8-1 in MMs and 1-1 in side bets.

wow, I didn’t even do anything for this double post. Stupid school computers

i went 4-2. I lost to the same person twice :frowning:

I placed top 16 in my pools, bet a ryu 2-1, an akuma 2-0, another ryu 2-1, lost to PRBalrog’s homeboy that played T. Hawk 2-1, last round last hit. Beat a pad T. Hawk 2-1 with Bison, lost to a guile 2-1.

i took 4th in my pool, i believe. i went 7-2 losing to lamerboi’s guile and sanford kelly’s viper.

7-2 losing to ed ma and rico suave

madeit out of pools at HDR

beat wentinel, playerunknown (aka sergio), and vdo. lost to mvc2 roundhouse in winner’s and the stick in loser’s.
lost to a river flush in poker

I think Paris almost made it of pools in Marvel.


5-2 lost to some taiwanese Ryu.

In everything but Marvel, if they’re from some Asian country, it’s pretty much automatically a good loss. :smile:

I went 4-2 in SSF4, losing two Bison mirrors in a row. That made me mad salty because I wanted to get farther, especially since some of the big names had already been sent to losers in my half of the bracket :\

made it out of my pool in winners in HDR, then immediately lost to Cole and Mike Wong (T. Hawk player). 17th I guess?

Cole was the only person from the Northwest who made top 8 in anything (5th in HDR), I think

Purely Epic

Day TWO - slash5150’s Photos

who was takin the pictures when Connor was fighting against KDZ, and apparently took hella shots of seattle after he won it. I want to see the carnage.

I made top 5 in my pools. I barely lost to Mike ross on the stream. I beat Sanford Kelly’s Ryu and Viper in a first to 3 during a side tournament. I got 1st in 2 side tournaments and second in one. In those tournaments, I beat tons of people who’s names I can’t remember. I guess some of the guys I beat are pretty good where they come from :coffee: