aight these are players that get gully if i dont mention you im sorry =(!!!

GGXX::confused: All the japanese that come down or Taiwan if they come down there eddies are sick with it! as for the US peep out

Saif(cheap ass sol ^_^)

Chaotic blue ( crazy jam johnny is nutty )

Tragic ( Whoever he plays now o_O!)

SuhtigerJK(hes from vegas hes on the up and up sick ass axl)

Matt ( From vegas this guy has potekimon setups for days! hes so random nothing can stop him fuck random uppercut random SPD! Dont take it serious when he beats u and laughs like a idiot )


MvC2::confused: Ahh yes this game is shitty if u play cable yes u are auto gay :slight_smile:

Justin Wongs (Duh rushing down the sky and some times his victums also!)

Row (Hes got mad tricks but he plays cable! but his cable is hype)
Well basicly watch for anyone from seattle,Cody,kuan,rat,etc

SiN ( doesnt get enuf credit always holds it down)

David Lee (always says he sucks but when hes watching you play he will say how bad u suck =]! )

Genghis (Ahhh yes hes cocky he hasnt won a big tourney yet but hes a fucking killer watch out for him )

Shady mother fucking K ( if he gets off his ass he will romp )

Sanford ( The man everyone hates on yet he always gives some fucking beat downs watch out for this guy)

SooJocked! (The homie from s.a >_>! hes got more fans then big name wc3 players! his msp is still the sickest out there regardless of what haters say Soomighty u better believe the hype is real)

ComboFiend ( Dunno where this guys at but if he comes back hes O_O )

Julius jackson ( Wow most impressive player in my eyes u wanna watch some shit watch this man he isnt playing your pussy ass run away and shoot u shit hes in your face with IM/WM) I hope he wins evo :slight_smile:

Randy lew ( I heard he never presses forward that is pretty crazzy and he plays cable! the skill character as shadyk calls him)

ST::confused: Who cares!

Apoc(hes a og go poc!)

Jason nelson ( I heard hes good!)

Cole ( Sim is nutty)

CvS2::confused: This game sucks! japan will rape us

Ricky ortiz ( hes bomb)

Choi ( the other hope for the us )

The rest will be japanese eating us alive

3S::confused: From what i heard were not that behind? o_O

Pyrolee ( he plays yun)

i dont know the other us players sorry =(!

and im done whatever i said was probablly blah

Chobo out!:smiley: :smiley:

so true

yay beware me i suck ruins givin me more credit than i should ever get =/ but i am mad random :slight_smile:

coulda just posted in the other thread…

nah chobo dont work that way

hehe good look on the julius uppin! dude has skills, just he plays a lil to clean sometimes.

Isn’t Combofiend in the army now? :confused:

Word is he will be back before evo

  • Chobo Vision

this is the 2nd most dumb thread i have seen.

also, i hope combofool got his fro cut while in the army. shit is hella annoying, not to mention ghetto. only cole is allowed to bust out TheFro.

Ouch! nice your sn is THE dumbest i seen =(


dont forget i’m winning t4 and ttt

puerto rico puerto rico wooooooooooooo


only thing puerto rico might win is raft to get back home safely.


only thing u might win is my foot to your face


This ain’t TV but I’ll show you what a “Fear Factor” is

Re: hahaha

ROFL! nICE! i love that line from the 8mile sound track good shit

Re: hahaha

what your threatening to show me naked pics of your mother?

when someone mentioned WHOO WOOT, it reminded me of this ghetto ass video.

step 1) watch video

step 2) enjoy

Re: Re: hahaha

DAMN HOMIE, it’s history, over, hang it up
Go somewhere and hang up some Billwalton posters.

rofl bill walton is the man